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The Common Law system explained - Laws From Creator Great Spirit, Long Before Any New World Concept or De facto Federal 'Government'

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Published on 23 Apr 2024 / In Science

This was my law group 101 lessons in your non-entity to the natural man on the land going back to 1999 - great stuff we all should have learned in school, but we all know that could have never happened.
---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tribal Law, Meredith M. Quinn - All Races Have Clan Mother Laws From Creator Great Spirit, Long Before Any New World Concept or De facto Federal 'Government'

common law is not law, its for 2nd/3rd class legalise- No where in the pages of history can there be equaled in total, the injustices done to man, when one realizes the injustices done to the INDIAN of this hemisphere. Never has a civilization contributed so much to the comfort of another, such as, the INDIAN did in providing: - a government system, a defensive method, a new freedom, his foods and 95% of his medicines. All that the INDIAN asked was to be left alone and not have their culture disturbed nor their lands destroyed. In turn the INDIAN PEOPLES became a nation without a country: unprotected from exploitation, they became the most suppressed, the hungriest and the sickest. Never has so much land been stolen under a flag of progress and millions upon millions of lives murdered from the table of peace, that not even the great Genghis Kahn, the Pharoahs, Caesars, Natchi or Hitler - totaling their murders, could equal the number of deaths among INDIANS. (estimated by white scholars to number 120 MILLION.)
In the beginning, white men in government agencies converted certain Indians (uncle tomahawks, soup-bone Indians, hang around the fort Indians, Indian Scouts for the US and Canadian military, Indian policemen and the AUTONOMOUS SELL-OUT CHIEF & COUNCIL GOVERNMENTS, etc.) Today we still see them converting Indians, working in these same government agencies. In addition, by allowing the police and military to recruit our young INDIAN men and women into their forces, they knowingly-treasonously have our children give up their allegiance to the INDIAN and give it to the crown.

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