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The Biblical Great Flood is Explained as the Intermediate Axis Effect upon Earth... Not a Great Rainfall by a Revengeful Creator-God... It was NOT Supernatural

JamesRoss - 362 Views
Published on 09 Nov 2021 / In Science

This is called the Intermediate Axis Effect or the Tennis Racket Effect or Dzhanibekov Effect.
It is not taught in school physics since it helps non-Cult-sworn people understand a reason for all the ancient pyramids that used to house ancient technology, but always stripped of the evidence by the Mystery School Cult minions like the Templars and Freemasons who want world-wide domination of the ancient technologies. It is an interesting past that we all come from and the Freemasons are still hiding the real physics behind things. Like this:

If you ever studied the planets you will find that Venus is the only planet that rotate opposite to the others...
Dr. Thornhill actually cuts through the NASA deceptions about the what planets interact:
But is heavily infiltrated by the Mystery School I can tell.

David LaPoint show many discoveries about the same things that Thornhill talks about, but LaPoint has been silenced by the wwCult:
What happens to loners like LaPoint who expose the secrets of the wwCult... they get brainchipped with high-tech and attacked psychologically if a murder is too obvious.
Right now, the revelations that LaPoint was providing are now suppressed by the Freemason Cult and medical mafia is using the "word of god" weapon against him:

The "Rambo-chip" was exposed to be used in the Vietnam War by Dr. Kilde who was isolated and apparently assassinated using high tech.
I would say Kilde was also covertly brainchipped and monitored just like LaPoint is now:


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HWY802 3 months ago

How does this effect a flat earth?
It doesn't.

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JamesRoss 3 months ago

the Flat Earth is a 33 degree project to perform a massive mind-job on sheeple and then laugh at the suckers... it is very sad to see how many suckers exist, but lots of flat earthers are just freemasons pushing the mind-job... just like the covid mind-job pushers are masonic. No offence...

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HWY802 2 months ago

No offence taken Bro. I have my reasons to think it's flat & You have your reasons to think it's a ball. Ultimately we all have more important things to think about.

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