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Disinformation to Cover-Up Their Brainchip-Hivemind that Freemasons Already Established Before April 1st, 2020 Tainted-New-Dawn, (Operation-Covid-19 = Satan's Sheep Slaughter), Clot-Shot

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Published on 01 Oct 2022 / In Technology

Covid-19 is a Cult military operation of WW3 to slaughter the sheeple and harvest their labors and birthrights upon planet Earth. Their fake "New Dawn" is again tainted(like last time) with genocidal-murder of their own Homo sapiens genetics by their secret collective of thUgs and minions and murderers.

The job of the Freemasonic sheepdogs after their rebuilding of the Tower-Of-Babel (for their Homo capensis masters) is to slaughter the non-Cult people before their fake, collective, mind-uploads into (an artificial Lucifer) the A.i. supercomputer. But instead of the fake Freemasonic "metamorphosis" with a Lucifer-singularity... those Luciferians will be meeting their spiritual-maker to accept their spiritual-box containment as such murderously-wicked withered-souls. Eternity is spiritually-timeless. If such souls choose assimilation back into their source, then their wicked existences will end. The Creator-God will give them this choice to delete their ugly souls from the real collective.

The ancient devils have tricked the Freemason and other Luciferians that their wicked collective will progress into A.i... beyond their biological deaths... they will not become A.i. cyborgs that venture "Ad Astra per Aspera." Their ancient tricksters are already laughing at their gullibility and stupidity... as they hate all Homo sapiens and Nature, too.
That is the cost of "dealing with their devils..." for choosing a wicked and unloving development of their precious soul-fragments. All murderous Luciferians will be the spiritual losers of the Homo sapiens species.

The Sethbooks are an attempt to enlighten the Luciferians before their self-annihilation. The Creator-God endlessly supports the development of all precious soul-fragments. There is no need to fear All-That-Is.

The ancient Homo capensis (who guide the Mystery School Cult minions) have also chosen a life of fake-hatred or misplaced-hatred and even worse is their self-righteous greed which they brainwash into their minions beliefs. They will eventually physically die from physical reality into the same spiritual situation as their short-lived minions that are tricked into suicide. Those old devils will likely just mentally fume for all eternity refusing to spiritual expand their much tainted souls.

There is no and was never a spiritual battle between the Creator-God and the old devils. That fake-battle is a figment of their cone-headed imaginations. They are simply passing up their opportunity to save their own souls... just like their Homo sapiens minions (or brainwashed thUgs.)

Freemasonic, wireless, Rambo-brainchips were experimented upon US soldiers starting back in the Vietnam War:

The last thing the Luciferians want the general public to discover is their brainchip-hivemind(and disable it by removing the microwave carriers) that will be used to rule the world with A.i. "Lucifer" at the top of their pyramid scheme. That is why the Freemasons printed the pyramid and Eye on the USA dollar debt-note.
William Cooper was beginning to discover this plan of the Luciferians so they assassinated him as did the Freemasons assassinate JFK after his speech:
Luciferians should also realize that their spiritual high priest Manly P. Hall was assassinated by their own Mystery School Cult because he believed in the development of the soul rather than the destruction of it. Obviously, Homo capensis chose to assassinate Hall and the dumb thUgs obliviously followed idiotic-orders:

The brainchip hivemind has been used for decades, now, to secretly guide non-Cult people to conform to Freemasonic world-tyranny:

Most (if not all) of the societal craziness is due to brainchip implants and the microwave grid link-up to the brainchips with A.i. controlling them. Most non-Cult-sworn people who saw the corruption just kept grazing upon the grasses like sheep, the more perceptive people that noticed the corruption and spoke-out about it were usually culled by the Freemasonic sheepdogs.

This woman is hiding the brainchip-hivemind( just like Jan @ XtremeRealityCheck, Jonathan Kleck, Fritz Springmeier, Morgue the Hyperian, SJWellFire and Bill Hicks(aka Alex Jones)) that already existed for 50 years. This pretty face woman is leading followers to disregard the rebuilt Tower-Of-Babel(TOB) that monitors and injects A.i. thoughts into anyone's head after brainchipping. (open index.html of

If the TOB is not disabled, then the plan of Homo capensis (in control of Freemasonry and thus Western Civilization) is to extinct Homo sapiens like all the other Creator-God-blueprinted hominids were genocided by thUgs and minions of past Mystery School Cult secret-societies.

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