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JFK - The Speech That Killed Him - Anti Secret Societies Movement

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Published on 12 Dec 2020 / In People and Blogs The basis of the Mystery School Cult is the ancient Satan-race tricking their human minion/thUgs to believe they are the Virgin Mary or ISIS and will birth an A.I. supercomputer that will create a singularity into which their minds can be uploaded into as an algorithm or mathematical formula. This is the basis as to why they all conspired to assassinate JFK and continue to genocide the unsworn populations of the Earth. They are controlled by the ancient Homo capensis thUgs and secretly aided with ancient technology to succeed in subduing the good-willed people.

A week after JFK gave this speech to the presstitutes where he asked for their help to cleans politics in the USA of Switzerland's Templars and Freemasons... the press fell silent to inform the unsworn because they were mostly all Cult-sworn. I'm sure some were culled who spoke out, but for the most part, this speech got lost from unsworn ears. The Cult-sworn had JFK set-up to give this speech and then hide it.

A week later the thUg-network arranged the planned assassination-subversion tactic against the unsworn masses around the entire world, but mainly the USA "legal-person" (or mass-media controlled slave... "Legal-persons" are incorporated entities... they are already considered dead and with the brainchipped zombies, or binary-biologicals, choose by ignorance to no longer be a human being... by masonic paperwork!)

This assassination was a display of power where none of the masonic thUgs in the network of secret-societies got their fingers wrapped. (They believe there is no Creator-God watching their thUggery due to their Cult's brainwashing their own.)
This gave the minions more confidence that the unsworn sheep did not have the here-with-all and/or maybe the guts to stand-up and take a stance against obvious lying public figures and corruption that came from the secret-service. (thing have progressively been getting worse for the unsworn: )

Today there is a scientist Dr. Katherine Horton, (once a CERN particle-physicist, if that is impressive to mension) who discovered the network-of-thUgs are behind all the organized-gang-stalking that wreaks havoc to any unsworn that has the guts to stand-up and defy the thUgs. JFK is gone, but Dr. Horton is likely brainchipped too and will be attacked more. The people living today and making a stance should be the most supported by the unsworn believers for creating a less wicked world to live in and survive in.

USA signed into the UNIDROIT the next year, in 1964, after the assassination of JFK. Most unsworn never heard of UNIDROIT agreement for each country. It is a sneaky way to undermine stronger family-life and thus the entire countries who join.

After the world-wide scamdemic BLUFF virus in spring of 2020 I created the Anti Secret Societies Movement: soon afterward my new email [email protected] was invaded and stolen from me. Luckyly, I made a duplicate website at the same time which still works, but I have no access and have been locked out... so I made a new email [email protected] and uploaded a new version of the Anti Secret Society Movement page: And it has not been stolen from me, yet.

Dr. Andrew Kaufman exposing the "ScamDemic" seems to be an authentic unsworn, but that is how all JG get started, so we shall see if he decides to "turn."

Through Kaufman I discovered Dr. Stefan Lanka And I find his efforts most intriguing and likely truth-based.

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Dive2663225 2 months ago


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JamesRoss 6 months ago

The most worthy secret-societies exposers that I have found are Dr. Sean Hross even though he seems unaware of the rebuilt "Tower-Of-Babel" (tob ezyro com)
and Dr. Kathrine Horton who seems authentic in her passion to stop the Mystery School Cult's thUggery upon the unsworn:

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