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Freemasonry Mystery-School Zionism Serve Their Masters, Homo capensis

JamesRoss - 256 Views
Published on 31 Jan 2024 / In People and Blogs

William Cooper shares his wisdom from his research, but Cooper did not realize that Homo capensis, the ancient race of Failed-Mankind are the "Group of Wise Men" They had been genetically altered for lives that live for thousands of years... Cooper did not discover this hidden behind Freemasonry and neither has Rick Miracle...

Upper freemasons are actors that hide the ancient wise-men and sheepdog the sheeple for those "wise-men"... you see. They are also ancient monsters.
I saw one of those skinny monsters with ancient looking skin... sheeple are not allowed to see them very often, it came to see me because they are having great difficulty killing me.

Do you want to know why? I can teach you the secret why they cannot kill you either. You see, our Creator-God has placed you at the center of your probable-universe and you do not leave that position until you want to. YOur world is co-created by your beliefs, desires, wishes, prayers, and choices.

I am the wild-card in their Sentient World Simulation Model to predict how to destroy Homo sapiens. And you are the wild card from your own perspective, too.


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