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Communism Is The Tool Of Homo Capensis Used to Misguide Secret Societies into self-destruction (Dennis Wise)

JamesRoss - 118 Views
Published on 20 Nov 2023 / In Spiritual

Communism Slips In Through The Back-doors Of All Countries Who Don't Have Vigilant People. The Masonic Cult of thUgs are playing the "grand chessboard." And the People are becoming much more vigilant as tyranny begins to show it's ugly faces on Cult minions heads.
I happen to know that we Homo sapiens have the Masonic-Luciferian Cult of sheepdogs barking at the sheeple to keep us flowing in the direction that the ancient sheepherders want us to go, and we are doing it.

The bigger picture is that there really is another species of "ancient devils" who get the secret societies to sell-out their own humanity. Karen Hudes was not a Cult-sworn minion, but the Cult was using her and misdirecting her. The ancient Homo capensis species is real and that is who plays the role of Satan.

This ancient species of Homo capensis is behind everything in world-politics that this video exposes, but this video totally hides those ancient monsters who are behind all the politics and wars and mass deaths. The Sethbooks expose the ancient Lumanian civilization that used to rule the Proto-Saturnic solar-system, but after its capture, the wicked Remnant-Lumanians remained believing that they were in a battle with the Creator-God.
The history of Earth is not what the Masonic public school systems and Masonic universities teach. The non-Cult people are taught organized-lies as part of the Luciferian rituals to take-over the Earth after the threat of cataclysms are over.

Mars sent a thunderbolt to Earth a few thousand years ago which destroyed the old Atlantean Empire. Earth can also potentially flip-over 180 degrees which also flips the magnetic poles. This intermediate-axis-effect flip is what Venus is currently in... where our sun rises in the West and sets in the East.

The ancient Remnant-Lumanians live for thousands of years due to A.i. genetic manipulations. I gather that all the Homo capensis have been living upon Earth since before the great-Iceage capture while they hid-out in Deep Underground Bases or hives. Those old devils come out of hiding in order to herd the human sheeple and organize their Mystery School Cult of human-thUgs.

If you look at the Mayan stone temples to estimate how many times they were trashed and then rebuilt, tells you that multiple attempts were made to rebuilt the Tower-Of-Babel for mind-control of a brainchipped-population. Elon Musk is now trying to brainwash the acceptability of brainchipping the non-Cult-sworn people... in order to secretly genocide the brainchipzombies.
Now, for the last time, divide and conquer techniques are being used by the freemasons and other brainchip-hivemind minions for the ancient devils.

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