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William Cooper - Area 51- He Was Tricked, The Freemasons Are Hiding the Ancient Homo capensis... Fake-Aliens from Outerspace are a Smokescreen to Hide Ancient Technology Origins

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Published on 13 May 2022 / In People and Blogs

There are no aliens from another star-system, but their is another species hiding upon Earth.
Homo capensis created the Mystery School Cult which contains the Freemasons and all the other murderous, genocidal secret-societies of brainwashed minions to serve thUgtopia.
This is why the governments around the world are now failing.
This is why world economy is failing.
The pyramid on the back of the USA dollar indicates that Homo capensis is in control of the Freemasons. The Khufu Giza Pyramid is one of the many Towers-Of-Babel which was used to enslave the minds of Homo sapiens by brainchip-hiveminds. Each tower had an A.i. supercomputer commanding the sheeple to serve the Satan-race. Nature broke the old Towers-Of-Babel and killed the A.i. supercomputer fake-gods.
Hollywood worshipped the fake-gods all the time in their movies. A good example is the "Queen" of the BORG ship. When Freemasons honor their "Queen", it is not the Queen of England (Also called "defender of the faith") it is the hivemind queen supercomputer that is secretly honoured. Treacherous Freemasons have worked their way into every position of authority in governments, police, military, universities, hospitals, education, everything and that is why all small businesses are being destroyed by their beast of monopoly... this is why McDonalds mocks the masses with their Monopoly game that many are encouraged to play along with. International businesses and particularly banks are all Cult run. Am I wasting my breath, you already know all this?...

The servants of Homo capensis follow the AGENDAs Agenda21, Agenda2020, Agenda 2030, and so on...

Agenda2020 is all secret societies becoming a brainchipped hivemind army of thUgs who murder off the Homo sapiens species for the ancient-monsters who guide... mind-controling the self-righteous Freemasons.

Is it strange that the most important information on the WWW is suppressed by the Freemasons who toil "Ad Astra" only to destroy themselves and our species?
You see, we are in a spiritually based world where everyone is incouraged to show their true colours towards a successful-loving soul and towards a selfrighteously greedy soul. The Creator-God wants you to choose your own path and provides an infinite multidimensional illusion to test out what kind of soul you desire to grow up into.
This is one of the biggest "secrets" which explains why the world is full of so many treacherous, murderous thUgs.

The thUgs are showing their true colours, you see, as they destroy their beautiful soul-fragments through hate and in particular outright conspiratorial murder and genocide... thinking that they will "get away with their atrocities."
Stupidly, murderous Freemasonic thUgs do not deserve eternal-validity which the Creator-God already gave all soul-fragments.
What the Freemason-thUgs have agreeded to do with their Satan-race masters is to give-up their eternal-validity beyond physical death, you see... the Satan-race or Remnant-Lumanians have also given-up their worthiness through their murderous, self-righteous greed. Like the human Freemasons, the devils have shown their true ugliness inside... which is what counts in a spiritual playground for soul-growth. I call them "monsters" as I look inside them.


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JamesRoss 12 days ago

The Freemason are sworn to secrecy as a Cult.
The reason why the secret-societies are so long lived, is because of the ancient species, Homo capensis, that organizes and orchestrates the well-thought-out AGENDA's.
The Freemasonic sheepdogs who bark at the sheeple are not smart enough to create the thousand-year long Agendas... these Mystery School Cult is thousands of years old... the Old Atlantean Civilization were part of the Mystery School Cult, you see.
The Freemasons have rebuilt the heart of the NWO which is the Tower-Of-Babel which required another A.i. supercomputer fake-god that they call "The Great Architect. Likely the "G" between the masonic square and compass crest represents "the Eye" or the computer-god that models civilization and predicts how to extinct Homo sapiens.

Hey... this video is cut off at 15 minutes... Nobody has commented about it, I just happened to listen for quality control... not too good...

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