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Luciferian-Freemasons Seem to be Bio-Roboting Biden Through their Tower-Of-Babel Brainchip-Hivemind which directs their army-of-minions

JamesRoss - 182 Views
Published on 05 Aug 2022 / In News and Politics

TheFreemasons cull particular sheep who jump the fences... I have been exposing the Freemasonic-thUgs for decades now and they hate me, but laugh that the sheeple have no sense of direction... they just run away from what frightens them. Well, that is the nature of stupid sheep... they run when frightened... The Creator-God has little use for murderous thUgs nor for frightened sheeple who have no guts to stand for what they claim to believe in. You see? I have survived 16 years of murderous Freemasons and it terrifies their beliefs in Luciferian fakery. Their Homo capensis masters are fakers and I will drag them out for the silly Freemasons to try to hide from the sheeple.

When will the broad-masses of non-Cult-sworn people stand up to replace the Freemasonic-politician traitors who are changing USA laws to make tyranny by their Cult essentially legal?

The NAZIs of WW2 Germany did not break any laws, you see, they just changed the laws before-hand... just like their decendents are doing running the USA politics.


If you get a brainchip the Freemasons will be able to bio-robot you, too.

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