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Giordano is a Luciferian Freemason Teaching the Brainchip NWO Takeover

JamesRoss - 242 Views
Published on 29 Mar 2023 / In Technology


Of course Giordano is within the brainchip-hivemind of decaying souls of humanity. The non-murderous, non-genicidal humans are not decaying their souls away to oblivion.
The brainchip hivemind does not harbor "human2.0" but rather harbors human0.5

Giordano knows the Freemasons are secretly the sheepdogs of humanity who cull the sheeple. For the last 50 years this brainchip technology has been develop to help the NWO take over all of humanity with bio-robots and brainchip-zombies:

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JamesRoss 2 months ago

Giordano is telling you that Elon Musk is a liar developing a fake "Neurolink"

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