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Quebec Slaughtering Willing Sheep To Become Brainchip Zombies (Freemason Children's Hospitals slaughter the Lambs Too)

JamesRoss - 320 Views
Published on 18 Jan 2022 / In How-to and Style

I can tell you that the clot-shot has little to do with brainchipping the human body. The clot-shot injects poison, the brainchip is drilled into the skull or embedded deep into the sinuses.

Dr. Gilbert stated, "In the biological destruction there are the organized tempests on the magnetic fields. What will follow is a contamination of the bloodstreams of mankind, creating intentional infections. This will be enforced via laws that will make vaccination mandatory. And these vaccines will make possible to control people."
"The vaccines will have liquid crystals that will be come hosted in the brain cells, which will become micro-receivers of electromagnetic fields where waves of very low frequencies will be sent."
"And through these low frequency waves, people will be unable to think, you'll be turned into a zombie," he continued.

"Lies will always be bitter in the end, no matter how sweet you made them in the...

This is to cover up the
Here is how to locate the brainchips Using a scanner:

You identify outrageous human behavior:
Here is how you notice the brainchip:

Freemasonic "Celdar" is used along with brainchips regularly:

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JamesRoss 4 months ago

Unloving Freemasonic Cult with other thUgs are destroying their own souls when they participate in mass-murder and genocide.

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