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Dude... The Luciferian AI is already Modelling the WW3 NWO Takeover of Earth (Terminator Was a Hollywood-Luciferian Warning, not just entertainment)

JamesRoss - 236 Views
Published on 23 Mar 2023 / In Technology

AI Lucifer is designed to take over Earth like IEHOVA once ruled the Tower-Of-Babel

The Terminator Movie was Warning of Luciferian Genocidal-Intentions... Freemasons are brainwashed to hate their own genetics and seek mind-uploads into the fake "AI Light of Lucifer."

The AI in this video only brushes over what AI is already doing for the WW3, NWO-Takeover of Earth.

The general public is kept in the dark about Freemasonic-Luciferian AI running the network of countries.
AI has control of all government control structures around the world. (These guys are amazed it can figure out a simple volume problem... that is how ignorant people are of the Luciferian AI ... sheople are kept in the dark.)
If a country did not acquiesce to Freemasonic demands then the Freemasons would manipulate a bombing and devastation of people of that country like what happened to Iraq. Their people of Iraq were rebellious to Cult controls... so the wwCult (headed by Homo capensis devils) ripped all the structures apart and gave control to a Freemasonic government.

Now, all of Western Civilization is under the A.i. orchestrated devastation to undermine rebellions people who do not want to give up their long earned freedoms.

"Divide and Conquer" is the Freemasonic-Cult tactic for war, so the Luciferians in positions of authority sabotage all of Western Civilization to crumble the sheople into chaos. If "The People" do not root-out the treacherous Luciferians commanded by the A.i. Lucifer supercomputer at the head of the rebuilt Tower-Of-Babel(TOB), then Homo sapiens will eventually go extinct. That is the NWO plans to extinct our species because we have the potential to spiritually expand into greater beings....
(my more informative websites were banned by freemasonry's monopoly over the internet) Luciferians and Remnant-Lumanians are afraid of the Creator-God.

Luciferian-Atlantis actually perished from a thunderbolt from Nature. That is why all the DUMBs where built this attempt to extinct our species. Freemasons and Luciferians are the traitors to our species.

Homo sapiens are hybrid-Earthlings with Lumanian genetics as a result of an ancient experiment to revitalize the lost ability for Lumanians to mature and then to spiritually expand into a greater being.
This is why the Messenger-Seth explains that Homo sapiens are "the Lumanian Second Chance." Nature would not let the old devils steal away our genetic vitality with the hybrid experiment using A.i.-Iehova You see...


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JamesRoss 2 months ago

The coming superbrain will be called "Lucifer" just like the beast used to be called IEHOVA

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