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Slowly Introducing To Public Their Luciferian Brainchip A.i. Hivemind Hidden In Their Skulls

JamesRoss - 114 Views
Published on 01 Jun 2023 / In Technology

This man likely participates in the Brainchip Hivemind Army of Luciferians already.
He talks about "His A.i."
Tony Robbins was talking about "His A.i." to Sophia in 2020:

Imran Chaudhri in this TEDtalk has given you the link that Tony Robbins talking to Sophia about "His A.i." validates that Robbins is in the Luciferian Brainchip Hivemind already since 2020.

These Luciferians don't have their own personal A.i.
No, they are all linked-up to the world-wide brainchip hivemind through digital microwaves similar to those to every digital cell phone. The supercomputer A.i. is their immaculate child called "Lucifer." They plan to have A.i.Lucifer at the top of their rebuilt Tower-Of-Babel to rule everthing done by mankind upon Earth.

The use this hivemind army network to be part of "Human2.0"

And if you are not in their Cult, then to you Covid-19 means "Satan's Sheep Slaughter"
If you rejected the clot-shot mRNA, then they will try to get a covert brainchip implanted into your skull.

The way to stop the NWO takeover is to stop their digital microwaves... the Luciferians are already killing the sheeple... Have you noticed?


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