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Marzinsky Hides the Real, Freemasonic, Brainchip-Hivemind and Promotes Fake-Possessions by Fake-Demons

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Published on 01 Aug 2022 / In Health

Their promoted website by the "Anon Omous" guy on the left is an obvious Luciferian... that means he is complicit with the genocide of children using their clot-shots. Disgusting and decaying soul-fragment in disguise that they are actually helping non-Cult people... while backstabbing anyone who contacts them... Judas-Goat liars.

At the end of the video the “anonymous guy” on the left promotes a Cult website of his design. Lucifer “their fake Light-Bearer” is the purple in middle of the green triangle of the Freemasonic circle. The points of the upright 5-point star is the symbol of Man and the upside-down 5-point star is The Goat Of Mendes... the symbol of Masonic-Cult women who serve their Satan-race and Lucifer. The triangle is just like that at Astana fake mind-upload Sun Tower with a triangle to put the hand into for a final suicide of the self-righteous-minions.
You see. The whole thing is rigged by the Luciferians.

This Marzinsky sounds like “Mars in sky” and that is like the movie “Mars Attacks” which is Freemasonic mockery of the dumb-sheep. You see, one of the main jobs of Freemasonry is to hide all evidence of ancient civilization technologies because they are currently using those technologies to help them genocide the non-Cult-sworn people who they call "sheep for the slaughter." Covid-19 translates to "Abaddon's Sheep Slaughter" and it is part of WW3 or the third stage of the World-Take-Over by the Luciferians as they slaughter their own species using ancient A.i. techology from the ancient Homo capensis species(that the Freemasons hide).
This all means that all three of these guys are Judas Goats hiding the Freemasonic-Hivemind by pretending that "entities" are talking to schizophrenics. They are all pushing the brainchip-hivemind cover-up. You will need a scanner to detect the secret brainchip TIs and thUgs. The brainchip will help the thUgs while the Luciferians trick the TIs.


They are pretending that the technology of the computer-brain-interface (that Elon Musk claims, the “Neurolink” reads the brain) is irrelevant or of no notice.
Dr. Robert Duncan exposed the "Matrix Deciphered" with the "Voice of fake-god" weapon:
Colin Ross exposed brainchipping soldiers to command them by voice in skull:
Dr. John Hall exposed voices in the head controlled by CIA:
Mark Philips exposed technology inducing trance-formation:

I gave all these to Jan at XtremeRealityCheck, but she instead promotes these Judas Goats instead... what a complicit faker with her always promoting "get saved" while her own soul is shriveling and decaying with public deception of the dumbed-down sheep
Right there is spells out fraude-actors in my eyes. You can’t claim to be a researcher and not research for the truth, but instead push deception. Mars-in-Sky is a selective-researcher just like all Freemasonic and Eastern-Star fraudsters who lie and deceive the sheep.

I have exposed many Judas Goats on Ugetube where Youtube has shadow-banned my posts because they didn't break any policies a decade ago.
So, these “pretenders” are most likely part of the Mystery School Cult of minions. Sneaky because Freemasons hide the ancient Homo capensis, ancient Remnant-Lumanian species that gives them all their high-technologies used now to genocide non-freemason people.
They hide the magnetic brain interface that Polina Anikeeva is claiming is for the future, but in order to put voices into one’s head it was developed 50 years ago according to Dr. Rauni Kilde(RIP)
You see Kilde was assassinated just like others like William Cooper or Charles Langenberg who expose the truth. While Mars-in-sky will live on because he does what he is told to deflect non-Cult people in the wrong direction…

The brainchipped-Judas-Goats: Springmeier, Kleck and Jan at XtremeRealityCheck would be dead along with other brainchipped truthers. They lost their resistance to the bamboozlement that is spoken about by Mars-in-Sky. Jan promotes Mars-in-Sky as a truther, but like Karen Hudes, only enough truth is given so that sheep listen to the lies, too, tricked into thinking it is truth. That is what a Judas Goat does… they trick and decieve:

I gave links to my websites to Jan at XtremeRealityCheck on Bitchute only to find my sites to be banned for fake reasons.
But you can download the site here:
just open the index.html to start the site off your own computer. Broadcast it off your own ISP, get the word out there before the Freemasons brainchip and genocide the people with good-intentions.
My other sites banned that resulted from my warning to Jan that the voice in her head is not Jesus or the Creator-God and is just the Luciferian brainchip technology were : : :
and :

Jan at XtremeRealityCheck is one of them. Over and over and she is caught secretly attacking me using anonymous accounts, but I have the intuitions developed that can see through her Cult-fakeness as she pushes her fake “get saved” platform. It is not Christian, but pretends to be. Jan has been identified as well as her promoted three fakers on his video.

“Marzinsky” is Mars-in-Sky which is a worship of the satan-race, Homo capensis… but it is in code so the sheep remain oblivious to the deception. Karen Hudes claimed Homo capensis were originally from planet Mars... You could not believe this as truth if you cannot research the Electric-universe theory. Nor if your understanding of physics is poor to understand the secrets that David LaPoint teaches you...

Hudes knew the dumbed-down masses could not believe Homo capensis were from Mars since they are too dumbed-down to know Homo capensis are the ancient-masters of the Mystery School cult. She is a Judas Goat who tells you one of her rare truths, but very few have the intuitive and common sense to see it.

The Cult bombards the sheep with lies and only the critical thinkers can filter out the lies from the rare truths.

You chose to live in this challenging world of appalling spiritual deceptions.
The Creator-God gave you the modern Sethbooks to help you understand the Multidimensional Universe within which you currently live... you really should read those books before your death.
The Luciferians are lost soul-fragments upon their path towards self-annihilation, just like the Atlanteans were annihilated due to their "Value-Fulfillment Lost." The last Sethbook is called "Dreams, Evolution, and Value-Fulfillment." These Freemasons and other murderous-thUgs have again, lost their "value-fulfillment" and they will again self-annihilate with the aid of Homo capensis devils or masters.

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