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NWO Agenda Brainchip-Zombie Bio-Robots Remote-Controlled By Freemasonic TOB Technology

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Published on 23 Mar 2023 / In Technology

But it can be fixed... Remove the Luciferian traitors from authority... they have brainchip linking them into a hivemind-army: sneaky sneaky Luciferians in every position of authority commanded secretly by their A.i. fake-god Lucifer.

Celestial was covertly brainchipped before 2010 for some reason and began getting A.i. manufactured dreams and hearing synthetic telepathy since.

On the other end of her brainchip-hivemind link-up is the A.i. supercomputer "Lucifer" which functions like a Luciferian-phone-operator which monitors thoughts 24/7 and typically serves as hivemind director of a WW3 model of implementing the NWO takeover of Earth. But the brainchip can also render the mind unconscious and remote-control the physical body into a bio-robot... a brainchipzombie. Sleeper assassins, truck attacks, school shooters are just brainchip bio-robots that come with TOB technology rebuilt by Freemasonry and worshiped as a fake-god by Luciferians.

Homo capensis instructed their Freemason minions to rebuilt the Tower-Of-Babel(TOB) technology for the covert NWO-takeover. But it can be identified and stopped before the complete extinction of Homo sapiens.

On April 1st, 2020, Covid-19 or "Satan's Sheep Slaughter" began with Trump speaking behind a podium with Presidential Seal removed, Army, Navy, and Airforce Freemasonic Reps on that stage with the USA flag removed as I showed in (banned by Freemasons but you can download here:
Also site was banned but can be downloaded here: Just open index.html to view webpage.

Celestial is another brainchip-puppet-preacher (like Jonathan Kleck and Jan @ XtremeRealityCheck) does not give prophesies from the Creator-God, but she has been tricked and hypnotized into belief that the synthetic telepathy through a brainchip comes from God rather than from Homo capensis, the ancient failed-mankind with technologies squashed in the past by the cataclysms of Nature.
These ancient Remnant-Lumanians hate Nature and hate Homo sapiens because it seem we are favoured by the Creator-God by resisting attempts at highly organized extinction by these old devils... it seem the Creator-God defies the old devils' schemes and plots to trick humanity into extinction.
Freemasons are the biggest and most powerful secret society minion-organization that serves these Remnant-Lumanian devils:

Celestial is actually exposing the plans of the Agenda2030 protocols that secret societies will pretend are biblical revelations as they backstab the non-Cult-sworn people upon the entire microwaved Earth. Stop the microwave hivemind link-up and the NWO is stopped... our species' salvation is that easy and that difficult. Celestial is a good-soul and that is why the old devils enjoy using her to communicate their NWO-takeover plans.


How to stop the NWO bio-robot takeover:
1. remove magnetic nano-particles from foods and drink. Polina Anikeeva exposes this:
2. stop the microwave link to the A.i. supercomputer through the microwave prison-grid.
3. remove the brainchip like ancient civilizations had aready done:
4. stop the Freemasonic rebuilt Tower-Of-Babel.
2 stop the

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JamesRoss 2 months ago

Luciferian synthetic telepathy and fake manufactured A.i. based REM dreams have been brainwashing Celestial since 2010, she claims.
The purpose of a brainchip-puppet-preacher is to create a false flag illusion.
The CDC has a zombie preparedness 101 webpage to do the same false flag... CDC is Luciferian controlled.
Hollywood weaponized entertainment puts zombies into sheople heads to manifest the false flage illusion of zombies need to be killed rather than have their brainchip mind-controlled devices removed and the source of microwaves hunted down and the Freemasons exposed for their treachery against humanity.
Celestial is a wireless-puppet , but there are many many more.
End of Times is a facade for the NWO takeover.

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JamesRoss 2 months ago

Past high-tech civilizations have also rebelled against the brainchip and used trepanning to extract them:

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JamesRoss 2 months ago

Celestial is being used by Homo capensis to pretend that injections will cause the bio-robot zombies.
Don't be fooled by these Judas Goat ideas coming from Homo capensis.
The only was to bio-robot anyone is to covertly drill a hole into the skull and implant a magnetic brainchip as a manchurian candidate.
brainchip zombies are remote controlled through the microwave prison grid:

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