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Voice Print Identification by the NWO using A.i. (AI runs the rebuilt Tower-Of-Babel )

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Published on 04 Apr 2022 / In Technology

This is a wakeup video. A security hole of an immense magnitude exists with the use of Speech AI or voice recognition on your phones. This video will discuss first how Speech AI or a Text-to-Speech/Speech-to-Text (TTS Engine) handles voice recognition and why this poses an extreme risk for people who think they are communicating privately.

We will discuss speech recognition technologies found in Android Auto, IOT devices, Home Appliances, and children's speech recognition toys. These products are wrought with dangers that need to be understood.

We will explain the mechanics of speech recognition so that we can clearly evaluate the threats involved.

2018 Article on Voice Print


What Braxman is missing is that the Freemasons are the sheepdogs of the ancient Mystery School Cult run by the ancient Homo capensis species... there are no "aliens"... the UFO alien agenda is in place by the wwCult to help hide the ancient rulers of planet Earth... The were in control until the Velikovsky cataclysms and the Great Ice Age.

Time to smarten up my fellow Homo sapiens... or our species will be exterminated like the Neanderthals and Homo erectus... Yes, Homo capensis authorized their extinctions as well as many other Earthling hominoids. Time to expose their minions, the Freemasons and other ss-thUgs before the genocide commences with concentration camps.

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