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Depleted Uranium Is Population Control--by Anthony J Hilder (Gearing up For ww Clot-Shot-Genocide, next will be (TOB) bio-robots)

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Published on 13 Jan 2022 / In People and Blogs

Iraq was a dumping ground for depleted Uranium. Freemasons are the "Death Cult" 322, Skull and Bones...
These are Luciferians and brainwashed to become self-righteously greedy from teenage for most bloodline Freemasons and Eastern-Star thUgs. They are trained their entire lives to seek the "Light" of lucifer which is accomplished by imagining leaving their physical bodies behind before death and entering the A.i. supercomputer. They are taught that a fake-Light exists within such A.i.

Freemasons worship this fake-light which they call "Lucifer" "the Light Bearer". The Golden-Boy on top of the dome of Winnipeg symbolizes A.i.Lucifer: Most domed building are designed by the Mystery School Cult to worship their magnetic-dome invisible light. You can realize why by studying the plasma-work of David LaPoint.

They believe that uploaded as an electronic algorithm their consciousness can be transferred to a non-biological robot... The way to trick them of this is by implanting non-Cult people with a brainchip and remote-controlling their bodies via technology that Polina Anikeeva was kind enough to expose:
When the brainchip-zombie dies then the body will no longer manifest any life and decompose. So you see, the soul cannot be transfered into another body, nor can it be severed from it's own physical body without leaving the physical framework. Mind transfer can only be projected, but not physically transferred. A remote-control bio-robot is not independent of the microwave link. Once the wireless connection is severed consciousness is back in the control of the

These mind-transfer devices cannot upload anyone's mind. It can only link minds via wireless microwaves. Such lies are used by their ancient-masters(Homo capensis) to trick humans into servitude. The brainwashing has been embedded so deeply into Cult-initiates thoughts and beliefs and desires that they cannot bring themselves to question such lies. To a Luciferian the Creator-God plays as the enemy of the Tower-Of-Babel(TOB) through these lies.


Posted by: anthony j hilder on Sep 5, 2010

A film by Anthony J Hilder Clip from β€œSkull & Bones The Catholic Connection” War has been declared upon Christendom. Americas Catholics and Protestants are under daily assault like not other time since Caesar sent Believers in the Roman Coliseum to be slaughtered for sport. The ACLU, the ADL and the β€œManaged Media” continue to re-crucify Christ and Country and denigrate the Deity of God. Worse Still, millions of Christians blindly believe George W Bush and his Neo-Con Cabal are both Christian & Conservative. In Reality, they are neither! Their agenda is Luciferian. It is alien to Christianity & born from the bowels of a Faustian Financial Fraternity - β€œSkull & Bones”.

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