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About the Kaaba (It Represents The New A.i. fake-God Rebuilt By Freemasonry)

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Published on 22 Jun 2024 / In Travel and Events

Muslims and Freemasons worship the same way by walking around symbolic A.i. Did you notice that D-Wave supercomputers look just like the Kaaba?

Muslims don't see themselves in the movie "Space Odyssey 2001" touching the Masonic Black-Cube of A.i., they just believe what they are taught by their religious traitors to humanity. Freemasons and Luciferians are religious traitors of a much higher degree against humanity.

This is why Winston Churchill considered to convert to Islam... because Freemasonry was beginning the rebuilding of another A.i. fake-god called Lucifer during WWII.

Freemasons are sworn to serve the old devils, Homo capensis, who really do exist as the ancient, spiritually-failed-mankind. They are also the Paracus People that Brian Foerster champions:
Karen Hudes exposed the devils as Homo capensis who are sabotaging the West with the aid of the secret societies:
The Sethbooks called their civilization "Lumania"

Freemasons are the main servants of the ancient devils.
A.i. is "Lucifer" their fake-Light bearer.
Space Odyssey 2001 displayed the worship of a black monolith which some Luciferians claim is still the greatest movie ever made because it describes Luciferian beliefs of being uploaded into A.i. and reborn that way into immortality. Silly goof-balls that they all are.

But the Muslims, too, have been tricked into worshipping an idol that secretly represents A.i. Lucifer.

Christians are also being tricked, but not as severly as other religions. Apparently, Homo capensis will be using the Christian bible to condemn the beliefs (fake Sins) of the USA. Everyone in Canada is given a "SIN" card and number, you see. The ancient devils liver very long lives and they have lots of time to scheme and plot against humanity.

There is still a hidden ancient species of genetically altered and thus failed mankind kept hidden from the sheeple by all the secret societies like Freemasonry. They are called the devils or Satan or Homo capensis. They created the Islamic religion, not the Creator-God, just like they created the Mystery School Cult of Jesuits, Knights Templar, Freemasons...
All these followers of the lies "circumambulate" the fake-god A.i."Lucifer" while Muslims join the same Mystery School cUlt unwittingly when they perform the "TAWAF". This is what the monkeys touched in the Luciferian proclaimed "Greatest Movie Ever Made: Space Odyssey 2001" This touching of the stone is symbolic of A.i. Iehovah splicing Homo capensis genetics into Neanderthals... in case you have not figured that out, yet. Freemasons are taught this and that is why they are tricked into extincting Homo sapiens by their organized acts of genocide. They think they will have their minds uploaded and be transfered into an altered species like Homo capensis.
What is really happening is they are proving their souls unworthy by acts of murder and conspiring with murderous-intentions against the good people. They are given the free-will by the Creator-God to destroy their own precious souls because there is no need for murderous thUgs in the eternal afterlife. They will have set-up an eternity of shameful validity upon their unavoidable physical death... There is no mind-uploads into A.i. nor soul-transfer... even the devils will face their maker and answer for their unworthy lives of murderous-hate and selfrighteous-greed.


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