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Credit Suisse Explained - Coincidence Pyramid Symbol (TOB)

JamesRoss - 94 Views
Published on 18 Mar 2023 / In Gaming

Look behind the head of Jaspreet... The ancient Tower-Of-Babel representing the NWO must be just a coincidence, right...


Switzerland is the "Refuge" of the Freemasonic "Knights Templar" the assassins and first international bankers in history.
The symbol for the Knights Templar is the two pyramids
Sneaky thUgs, are they not...

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Maturebeauty 3 days ago

So let’s be clear about fraudulent loans and money laundering which is all ties to Jeffery Epstein, child & human trafficking industry. This practice is common for the banksters and is being referred to as the “Contagion.”

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