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Her Brainchip-Handler Is Tormenting Her With Other Brainchip-Zombies (they are not demons)

JamesRoss - 130 Views
Published on 21 Mar 2023 / In Technology

Poor Celestial the lawyer has Homo capensis A.i. in her head talking to her and bringing other brainchip-zombies around to torment her life into servitude.

This poor gal is given lots of information to warn her that a covert brainchip had been implanted into her skull before 2010. She cannot put the puzzle pieces together and is lost in a hypnotized world of demons and the voice of god weapon within her head and brainchip-zombies pretending to be demons around her. The Luciferians are scaring the hell into her... poor gal...

But Homo capensis is using her to warn the USA sheople what the Luciferian NWO is in the process of doing to their country... well all countries, not just the USA.

In order to save Christianity and the USA constitution, the American people will need to oust the secretive Freemasons from authority running, ruining their country. To start with, the microwave brainchip-hivemind will need to be dismantled before it genocides too many good people. Study my brainchipzombie webpage and greatescape

Why is it so hard for homo sapiens to put the puzzle pieces together to get a bigger picture?


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