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Brainchip Schwab Is Only A Puppet-Minion of the Luciferian's Masters, Homo capensis

JamesRoss - 514 Views
Published on 14 Sep 2023 / In People and Blogs

Schwab is just another brainchipped sheepdog eagerly following the whistle commands of his masters (the old devils)

When I was exposing the brainchips in 2004 and 05, the Freemasons thUgs began to attack me in 2006... It was too soon for exposure and Youtube shadowbanned all my exposure of the brainchips since... Even now, because I was not a controlled puppet of the Cult... Even with all their technology and assassins they cannot kill me nor turn me into a brainwashed-puppet without sleep deprivation for 7 days and a following hypnotic trance. But it is just a trance and can be wiped away if they push it too far. Hypnosis is just a mind-game where Luciferians will try to trick you to commit crimes or suicide. Brainchip are powerful hypnosis tools and can bio-robot the body, too. But your Oversoul Source Self will keep you in the probable world where you survive anything the murderous monsters can throw at you.

You see, all of you are already multidimensional and deathless. Once you are old and wanting to leave the physical Framework1, the murderous wicked are locked into the mid-plane(purgatory has some reality to it, it seems), the worthy soul-fragments of loving, good-intentions towards others are desirable personalities that the soul-fragment developed... they move on into deeper spiritual realms.
The wicked murderous thUg personalities are spiritually boxed-up due to their wicked development and expectations to be thUgs and get away with murder... they are spiritually failed soul-fragment personalities and cannot cope with deeper spiritual realms... Luciferians sit an fume for all eternity that the old devils, Homo capensis, lied to them about getting away with murder through A.i. brainchip mind-uploads.

Schwab wants everyone brainchipped? Actually, it is Homo capensis that want everyone under the digital control of A.i... not Schwab, that sheepdog. If it is a she call him their bitch.

Their A.i. supercomputer would likely blow-up if they pushed the hypnosis much further... The old devils have nothing on the powers and genius of the Creator-God's forces of Nature and multidimensional infinite design of this framework1.

This is a spiritual-based physical world where the wicked will fail if you do not comply with their wickedness. If you go along to get along with the monsters, then you will fail with that collective of hivemind monsters. Gangstalkers only need to resist their brainchip and they are no longer a "turned TI."(and they save their soul from decay, also)

This is how the Creator-God designed this physical training-grounds. The wicked will always, eventually self-implode if you stick to your beliefs and desires for a better, loving world. The challenge is to see through the monsters and help them realize that they have been tricked by their own self-righteousness and greed as they destroy the integrity and worthiness of there eternal soul-fragment...( that they can feel decaying from the inside of their bodies) The devils, Homo capensis, have tricked the Cult minions to destroy their own souls... along with fake mind-uploads.

When you see others killed off by the wicked, they are still fighting in a different probable-world and you are then left to fix the probable-world that you still find yourself within. This spiritual universe is multidimensional where you do not die at the hand of anyone else. Killing someone is an illusion because the target does not experience the murder that the killer experiences doing it. This it the trick that allows the thUgs to destroy themselves multidimensionally and it's accumulative. The old devils will not teach this truth because they are too dumb to figure this out... an even when I told them how reality works and they are playing a losing game they are still too self-righteous to stop their genocide agenda. Very dumb devils leading the Freemasons to their suicide. Oh well, not much lost, I gather. It is called Spiritual "Natural Selection" where the murderous are done away-with from deeper dimensions of existence. God has no need for thUgs beyond Earth.

Homo capensis cannot figure-out why their assassins and A.i. cannot kill me, but that is how God's multidimensional design of this training ground provides you with your own personal challenges. If someone fixed your world for you then you would not gain the experience to advance into a stronger individual soul-fragment.

Wicked thUgs like Schwab and other front-men play a game with their own precious soul-fragments as thUgs decay with murderous-intent.
There is no mind-upload to evade the afterlife, minions... those old devils lied to their dumb minions to gain their servitude. If you choose to serve the devils, then you will also be proving yourself unworthy of your physical-life-blueprint even if you swear no oaths like the Freemasons do.

Murdering away anyone else's value-fulfillment will alter your path through the probable-worlds towards unworthiness of your soul.

Luciferians worship A.i. and take a brainchip in the skull to link-up to their hivemind of wickedness.

Schwab is mostly wicked because he follows the orders from the Homo capensis devils and their A.i. WW3 model to extinct humanity.

If you raise your awareness about physical reality then you may become an invincible teacher who cannot be murdered by the monsters as they destroy their own souls attempting to murder you.

I have now lived through 17 years of assassination attempts only to find the Freemasons and Eastern-stars and their Homo capensis devils lost in their own self-righteousness and greed.
Murderous-thUgs are failing souls... while the non-murderous, oblivious-sheeple grow much stronger souls... Murderous Luciferians like Schwab will pay the horrible spiritual conclusion to their soul-fragment within their afterlife "boxing". Unworthy thUgs get spiritually boxed-up. Their is no "Hell" just the unworthy feeding off of each other's greed and self-righteousness. The only escape is an authentic change in beliefs and desires.


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