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(Biden - Harris) Celestial is Spokeswoman(brainchip-puppet) for Homo capensis (not God)

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Published on 22 Mar 2023 / In People and Blogs

Homo capensis controls Agenda2030 and the USA(and world) Freemasonic Traitors Within All Governments.

Homo capensis is using the Christian bible scriptures to condemn the USA and eventually the entire world.

You have found the jackpot of Youtube videos coming from this brainchip-puppet for Homo capensis, because here you can see... listen to the plans of the NWO takeover of the USA.

Once your understand that the NWO is already ruling the USA through the Freemasonic rebuilt Tower-Of-Babel brainchip-hivemind, then you can use this brainchip-puppet's information to realize what the plans of the NWO is.

These are some of the most important youtube videos you could find in all of Youtube. These are actually coming from Homo capensis who are controlling Western Civilization's orchestrated collapse. Homo capensis created the Mystery School Cult and all the secret societies and most religions like Islam. Islam will be helped to invade the entire world by Freemasonic manipulations of the world. You should already understand this to help save your country from the NWO

You can see the islam invasion of Europe... Celelstial is explaining the motives behind Islam.

Homo capensis is pretending to be god through the Tower-Of-Babel and is trying to replace the real Creator-God and will fail as the sheople awaken to the power the old devils have over Freemasonry in every position of authority within the USA.

Feminism will be used as a tool by Homo capensis to undermine the USA.

If you stop the microwaves then the power of the NWO will falter as Freemasons and Luciferians loose their secret hivemind.

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