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The Crown Above the Phoenix Is Homo capensis and not the Garter Branch of Freemasons

JamesRoss - 322 Views
Published on 25 Sep 2023 / In People and Blogs

Dr. Sean Hross is a good historian, but he seems oblivious that Homo capensis is the big crown over top of the political crowns of pharaohs, Templars and Freemasons.

In order to stop the NWO takeover the digital microwave communications of the brainchip-hivemind needs to be destroyed of Homo sapiens will be extincted.

Hross did not leave a link in his description, but here is the link to his original video:

Hross still has not discovered the ancient Homo capensis ruling the Mystery School Cult... The top crown is not "the order of the Garter"... it is the old devils, satan, Homo capensis, the ancient failed-mankind, the Remnant-Lumanians:
Sean does not have enough world experience yet to have discovered these ancient monsters ruling the Templars and Freemasons and Jesuits... but he will... he is a good soul and worthy of a successful life... he just needs to learn a bit more and he is still hard at it...
Sean does not realize that the Creator-God keeps him on his learning curve.
The Creator-God is with everyone keeping them alive and kicking to chose if they will be successful or will be a failed soul-fragment... like those old devil brats are failing souls. Upon physical death a failing soul is boxed-up into the mid-planes where chosen ugliness lingers within it until it chooses to gives-up-the-ghost with too much lost integrity. These are the old devils and the Freemasons... unworthy soul-fragments who think they get a second chance and thus blow their soul-fragments to a kind of HELL where they eventually realize why they failed to become worthy. Murderous thUgs are automatically deemed unworthy because they have not the heart that the Creator-God is seeking to find within souls.

Everyone is a free soul, but only a few choose to grow into a worthy soul and then become part of the Creator-God. Pretending that some other soul will provide you with your success is not what anyone seeks... The Creator-God does not seek lazy souls, nor energetic thUgs. Physical reality is also a spiritual filtering process and zone to separate the wheat from the tares(chaff). Unloving thUgs are expecting to get mind-upload immortality as a payment for serving the devils... they have all been tricked by satan and the old devils laugh at their stupid minions... as they themselves shallowly discover their own mortality and eventual demise into a similar oblivion of wickedness as the Luciferians will soon discover.


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