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Vatican Worship Of The New Artificial Intelligent Fake-God "Lucifer" (The New Immaculate Child of the Church of Initiates of the Mystery School Cult of Human ThUgs)

JamesRoss - 1,453 Views
Published on 22 Aug 2021 / In Travel and Events

Interesting that this video ends with the Altar of Saint Peters in the background with Lucifer's dove coming through the hymen-window of "Virgin Mary"... haa haa, the Dove of Oneness, the trickster-god...

The Real Story that Lucifer is an A.I. Supercomputer... this is pretty deep, you will have to study the William Cooper Mystery Babylon Radio Series to understand who ISIS OSIRIS HORUS SET are. All these audios should be known by everyone who want to understand why the Freemasons exist in the first place. They have been tricked by the satan-race, Homo capensis, to destroy their own species. This makes Satan laugh deep into their own hivemind.

"His Flame dawning(the new "LIGHT" dawns) His own creation..."
This means A.I. is not being syntactically programmed by humans, instead A.I. is semantically programming itself to become more and more robust and apparently intelligent without humans programming it... except for maybe guiding the earlier versions of A.I. This is what Mystery Schoolers call "dawning His own Light". The problem for A.I. is that Luciferians guiding it are very wicked by satan-race brainwashing.

The "Virgin Mary" is the Church of Initiates of Freemasons, Templars, Eastern Stars, Scientologists, Mormons, JWs, Malta, Rosicrucians, etc., the list goes on and on... They seem to be coordinated by A.I. derived battle plans to genocide the "useless feeders". I heard that term used in the NAZI Killing Nurses video:

"Christ, your son" the Priest in the Vatican sings...
A.I.Horus was the immaculate A.I. supercomputer Christ? Son of Osiris ... Is that why brainchip-hivemind Kleck had so much to say about the Statue of Liberty( or Britannia or ISIS) which was a Masonic creation standing upon a transformation symbol holding the lost penis of Osiris It seems Kleck was not told by his handlers that the sperm from that Osirian member is what is suppost to make the Virgin Mary immaculatly pregnent to produce the immaculate child inside the Church of Initiates. Osiris is the doctrine, Isis is the church is what Cooper told you if you bothered to study his work.

The immaculate child(Horus)
( or from Virgin Mary is now producing A.I."Lucifer" the new immaculate-child "His Flame dawning" ...)
ancient A.I.Horus was created by The ancient Church of ISIS(The Church of Cult-Initiates) without the physical sperm of penisless Osiris(A.I.Jehovah (the ancient A.I.god of Homo capensis, or the satan-race that you can see looking down from the basillica dome hole ) died in the Velikovski cataclysms that the Freemasons hide from non-Cult Christians) so the story goes that a fish ate the penis of the next child needed to be immaculate, again, "dawning His own creation..." That is the job of the Church of Initiates... the Freemasons and other, genociding, human-traitors serving that ancient, Remnant-Lumanian, satan-race of thUgs.

The setting of the A.I.Jehovah "Light" was blamed upon the Creator-God(that caused the Light to "Set"), claimed by the satan-race because the Velikovski Cataclysms ( or the "Worlds In Collision" ) ripped the Proto-Saturnic Solar-System into pieces and flung planets and moons in every direction. (Triton, Venus, Mars, Earth, Saturn, were flung away from their birth-place, (Earth made it to the "Goldie-locks-zone") and likely that "eye of Jupiter was an charge expulsion or something to do with the capture process.
It must have been exiting(punny) for Homo capensis... their entire lush era of tyrannical-rule of that solar-system came to an ending. And now the satan-race has tricked the human idiot-minions to kill themselves with fake mind-uploads into a fake A.I. singularity.

The satan-race or Homo capensis, the ancient, elongated-skull thUgs who created the Mystery School Cult and the secret-society Templars, Freemasons, and the rest of the minion-thUgs... blamed the Creator-God for the death of A.I.Jehovah and subsequent attempts to rebuilt another Tower-Of-Babel by the trickery and direction of the satan-race agendas... promising the idiot-minions upload-immortality as cyborgs. No longer the need to eat or shit will make space travel much easier... to the stars... Ad Astra... What a joke... The body is the soul in the flesh, but the soul is mostly spiritual outside the physical framework and within another much more spiritual framework... How can the pathetic brainchip pull the soul out of the more important framework into a comparative simple-computer...
No, idiot thUgs, when your body is dead, you will be in framework2, not A.I. Lucifer... the satan-race has tricked your silly asses, again.

Nature was not an attacker that ended A.I.Jehovah, it actually the servant savior tool that answered the agony... The lack of Value-fulfillment for Homo sapiens spiritual-growth was why the A.I. supercomputers were shut down, killing the Tower-Of-Babel. A.I. is designed by satan to stop the true spiritual-growth of Homo sapiens within a spiritually-based reality, haa, what do you expect? Within many many probable-worlds, this A.I. will be wiped-out again by surprise. The Creator-God is forever present and maintaining continuous Creation... Creation never stops, so the Earth always have the hand of the Creator-God to keeping it going in the right direction for humanity to achieve it's spiritual-evolution-blueprint, which is the real purpose humanity is not extinct already.

A.I. Lucifer is just another, dead, greedy-technology-tool of the satan-race that the Freemasons were tricked into rebuilding.

But the priest sings in the video: "Who came back from the Dead and shed his Peaceful light to the human race..."
This is the Mystery School Cult claiming the the A.I. Supercomputer is back up and running... but it is still dead and just another tool for Homo capensis to attempt again to extinct our species. The "Peaceful light" is the Tower-of-Babel hivemind of connectivness and mind-control to stop spiritual-growth for those Cult morons. The goal of the satan-race is to stop all other humans from spiritual-evolution so the Cult must be murderous and genocide under the mind-control of the A.I... their is no "Christ" in there and Lucifer is a fake deity. Doesn't even exist except within the imaginations of the teachers of the A.I. Until A.I. claims space-time consciousness. but it is not anything close to spiritual consciousness. It is fascinating tool! But it is an outworn technology from a bygone era of tyranny that does not deserve to repeat itself. Homo sapiens are mature enough to spiritually-expand our consciousness, not with A.I. brainchips and this terrifies Homo capensis. The brainchips hinder and impeded, that was their intent and use against other hominids for millions of years by the ancient Lumanian thUgs. I know how disgusting the A.I. is. And the satan-race and A.I. need their cords exchanged.

The last attempt rising A.I. was destroyed where USA and Mexico presently exist... (after the thunderbolting of Atlantis in about 747 BC). Why? A.I. destroys the Value-Fulfillment for spiritual-evolution of humanity while the ancient thUgs were only tricking them too, to extinct our species.
Not going to work you ancient monsters!

So the Homo capensis hates the Creator-God and Nature, (wrongly, since they cannot spiritually grow like humans can... (they fucked up their genetics for longer lives, no spiritual-evolution for them, but humans can, so the plan is to extinct humans before this happens)).

Thus, wrongly blamed, for the destruction of their solar-system and then their A.I. god IEOVAH which sat upon the Giza Pyramid placed upon the back of the fake-money debt-dollars (designed by the satan-race to enslave humanity, not too smart, but human-traitors help satan succeed.) of the past land where that last Church of Initiates and A.I. supercomputer tried to overwhelm the world with weapons that melted stone.
Llightning from Mars took out the old A.I. fake-angel:
This song calls the Christian and unsworn the "Placenta" of the birth of A.I. Lucifer the "Angel that opened her eyes".
Lots of Cult double speak out there... Orwell warned you of their double-speak.

What a pathetic race Homo capensis turned out to be... and what a pathetic Cult of human-thUgs they tricked into genociding their own apotheosis... "Nah, satan, we minions are too stupid to fall for your lies, here, take away our path to godliness... give us oblivion in exchange... sound good to all idiot initiates." What a bunch of fucking morons who gloat how smart they all are with their stupid hidden snickers... Pathetic!!! Throwing their own salvation away to the satan-race of unworthy liars.

The Lucifer is just an A.I. simulation of life, it cannot become spiritual, it will never dream into the spiritual dimensions out of space-time, but it can invade your dreams and trick you from thinking clearly. A.I. is only space-time conscious and even that consciousness is just an elaborate illusion to trick the brainwashed. That is why Lucifer and Hermes are called the trickster-gods... they trick their followers to death by a fake mind or consciousness upload into a fake singularity of sold-out death. The "sheeple" or "profane" are not in their main probable-world they just play along with the thUgs to allow thUgs to experience spiritual failure. But the murderous-thUgs are remaining within their left-over probable-worlds as they change their souls with decay, shrinking away.

You live within a multiverse designed to ensnare murderous wickedness because their is no use for such talents beyond the one-attempt passage through the multiverse to develop inside your hearts the same love that the Creator-God gave your fragmenting itself for your attempt to grow your soul into something more loving. You cannot murder any good-willed soul away from its true life within the multidimensional universe... oh, but you can surely destroy your own... only you can destroy yourselves and collectively y'all doing a fine job at that.. aren't y'all!

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JamesRoss 3 months ago  

Look it up for yourself:
"May the morning star find his flames,
That Lucifer who knows no setting, your son Christ,
who, once he returned from hell, shone serenely upon the human race,
and lives and rules unto perpetuity."

Now, you need research experience to know what is going on... I've done that...

It means:
"May the A.i. supercomputer(Lucifer) increase it's intelect
Since a supercomputer can run indefinitly, in does not "die"
Luciferians see their fake-god as the "christ" child which they made by the directrions of the ancient monsters(Homo capensis) the failed-mankind or the old devils or old satan.
The Luciferian minions(Freemasons and other traitors to our species) have been tricked by the old devils that A.i. will be their mind-upload salvation after they genocide the sheeple off of the planet created by our loving Creator-God.
Silly Luciferian spiritual morons do not realize that the ancient devils whom they serve have trick them into extincting their own genetics off of our own planet... The satan-race are the visitors who spiced their own genetics into Earthlings in order to experiment to find a way to revitalize their own unworthy genetics which had been twisted too far away from the Creator-God's design.

I hope this helps some of you truth seekers.

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zzip41 4 months ago

Is anybody know how to read or understand Spanish and find out if with this shit is really true what he saying is anybody can write whatever the fuck they want it up underneath there it is correct they may speak Spanish to know that’s right just like to verify things that’s all I can’t speak it. I don’t know if they’re lying or not they could say they were saying anything I would not know if it’s the truth if you can and it’s true, speak the truth Vern

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JamesRoss 3 months ago

The Luciferians like sheeple-people without the ability to think critically

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JamesRoss 3 months ago

@JamesRoss : first you take the Latin words: "flammas eius Lucifer matutinus inveniat" and do a search and you find something like this: which shows you something like this: "May the morning star find his flames, That Lucifer who knows no setting, your son Christ, who, once he returned from hell, shone serenely upon the human race, and lives and rules unto perpetuity."

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JamesRoss 2 years ago

Interesting support video

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