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WROL Lessons: South Africa Melt Down, Pt 1

Nutnfancy - 198,632 Views
Published on 19 Jul 2021 / In Travel and Events

If you don't know what's happening in South Africa, you need to. I will explain the chaos, lootings, murders, and borderline Civil War in SA in broad terms here. These are unjustified illegal activities that victimize the honest citizens of South Africa. Retail centers, food stores, drug stores, food distribution centers, malls, gun stores, churches, apartment buildings, homes, and more are being destroyed by the communist-inspired looters.
I will make key points tying into past TNP warnings of these events. Also key points from Lessons Learned will be emphasized.
All of this violence and destruction would be prevented if SA's government was moral. But evidenced indicates it isn't and it has created an environment where this violence is permitted even encouraged. This immorality will always trickle down to the people and they feel emboldened to steal, murder, and destroy (this is historical).
Don't think it's just a South African problem however. This is a worldwide problem and you'll see and have seen the same results of divisive, demonizing politics here in the US. You can expect, sooner or later, the same events to come to a neighborhood near you unless the American people wake up and restore our Republic to its God-based foundings!
Another hard hitting truthful Nutnfancy philosophy video not to be missed!

Laura Southern's FARMLAND documentary:
Laura Southern's "South Africa Descends into Chaos" update video:

For more detailed reading on the ANC, Mandela, and their negative impact on South Africa:

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JamesRoss 1 year ago

Ode to Africa:

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Thanks Nutn... First I'm hearing about this!! Prayers going up cause damn, this is some sobering, gut-wrenching stuff. Hard to watch some of it.

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LeeP 1 year ago

They are trying to agitate conservatives with the political prisoners from 6 January.

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JamesRoss 1 year ago

I just noticed "Celdar" being caught on the infrared security cameras at 42:00.
Celdar is nano-tech surveillance that the Freemasons and Templars use... which means all lots of the Freemasons are likely siting all around the world enjoying the begining to "the Storm" within their hivemind brainchip viewer. They can watch this all with their eyes close to better watch the video feed into their wireless brainchip

Here Dr. Barrie Trower explains "Celdar" but it is more complex of course:

The unwilling manchurian candiates are touchless tortured by Freemason everywhere to go in order to get the vet to suicide or TI to suicide out of confusion.

Welcome to the NWO of thUggery

If a Freemason says too much about the hivemind technology they are punished for exposing Cult secrets:
Here is where made the biggest mistake of his life other than joining the Cult:

Freemasons don't like me exposing their hivemind, because if you want to save the USA you need to disable the Freemason's Rebuilt Tower of babel (Tob ezyro com)

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JamesRoss 1 year ago

I put the celdar surveillance vids together here: thanks for awakening...

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JamesRoss 1 year ago

If you own guns it is important to have a brainchip-finder-scanner to test everyone because the Freemasons can use that person as a biorobot and to listen to all your conversations... here are some bio-robots:

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JamesRoss 1 year ago

Thanks... This is very important stuff... Because the Mystery School Cult of Freemasons run everything in North America and they were the ones who lost all those military assault rifles to the murderers so they could bring in the NWO burning down non-Cult civilization. Millions of military rounds were purchased in North America for unknown reasons... so the Cult can misplace them? I hope I can keep this short...

"You can expect, sooner or later, the same events to come to a neighborhood near you unless the American people wake up and restore our Republic to its God-based foundings!" Sadly so, I agree, because I know how horrible the Freemason have become, they conducted the WWII slaughters of the zombies. (My dad told me recruits who died in the fields were called "the zombies" by the Freemasons. Freemasons in any war always stayed out of the death zones, you see.)

Up in Canada, I began exposing the corruption in government after the 9/11 scam. (911CD2005 unaux com) In 2006 in British Columbia some kind of secret mafia began trying to capture me. I stayed alive the best I could ever since through 1000s of poisonings and highly orchestrated, setup, arranged accidents and auto-accidents for 15 years, now. (I'm going to watch their thUggery fail them as they come crawling back to humanity to lick buck and sheep toes like sheepdogs broken along with their pathetic satan-race masters and that murderous A.I. supercomputer.)

The Freemasons got very upset and deadly again once I identified who they were and their Cult's motives. William Cooper's Mystery Babylon Series was important which explained a great deal to me... Cooper did very well with heroic efforts but the Cult was too deceptive for the masses. He warned that the Cult was going to begin killing the sheep outright in the USA.

So it seems, either the Cult get removed from political, military, police control by a non-sworn public pushing back to replace pirate-run governments now... Or the murderous-thugs who have been trying to murder me (((Freemasons and Eastern Stars, some mormons, some catholics, some JWs, Scientologist, Templars of Switzerland, Hospitalers, etc... all of them are now hivemind by brainchip communications into one A.I. controlled army of murderous thUgs ))) or it will be death-camps, quarantine starvation zones, no food supplies, unless you walk into their NAZI ovens. Cooper was right.
It still amazes me that they are now monsters2.0 in disguise. They all pretend to be not monsters so well.
The attack by the murderer in South Africa is the confussion that is typical Cult tactics. The Templars and Freemason and murdering nurses, usually only come in to clean up (slaughter the last).

You have to convince the ragging looter that it is all a masonic trick to have them kill themselves off by fighting the wrong people. The KKK were Freemasons with an Albert Pike honoured leader who pretended to write his "Morales and Dogma" that was designed to make Freemasons more satanic. It was written by the satan-race, of course... The wrote the NWO Agendas... phil Schneider witness the satan-race lecturing to the Freemasons in an underground DUMB meeting. The DUMBs need to be invaded and destroyed, flooded! They are over 4 miles deep in order to survive surface cataclysms like thunderbolts: (Flat-Earth is likely a masonic mind-control blocking of realizing the electric thunderbolts)

The thUgs think they are going to murder the second coming off of the Earth once they find him or her, but we have a very Powerful Point of Spiritual Power in the Present moment because this multiverse is spiritually-based and the monsters2.0 will likely have to leave Ad Astra before their mind uploads... maybe the ancient Homo capensis will take them back to Mars with them in all those UFO sightings that the Freemasons cover-up. Haa!
There is way more technology that dazzles the Cult to hide in their DUMBS that Phillip Schneider discovered and began to expose the ancient satan-race down there and running the Debt-dollars: So the tech will give monsters2.0 the upper hand over the sheep on this "end-game" genocide attempt. They think humanity has split into two species because of the hivemind and the non-Cult are "human1.0 useless feeders". Just kill the hivemind and the monsters2.0 will become human1.0 and be saved from the satan-race's mind-control brainwashing that turned them.

The Creator God has some tricks that the satan-race of ancient thUgs havent figure would change their A.I. supercomputer's battle-plans to slaugher all the sheep to "rise from the ashes" with their pathetic fiery phoenix.
Did you know the Freemasons say "Ad Astra" (to the stars) to each other. They truly think the A.I. supercomputer called Lucifer that started to command the "Covid-19"(Satan's-Sheep-Slaughter) will be able to intercept their decaying souls from meeting Creator-God to stand before their masonic "Great-White-Thrown" that they preach about in their bibles. The monster2.0 Freemasons will need to hold their lambskin aprons of innocence over their faces in front of the true light... not their fake-light of the fake light bearer.
Their fake-Lucifer will fall along with their tainted "New Atlantis"... The monsters2.0 are not the thinkers, they are trained to follow orders outlined by the battle-plan of the ancients which has now been handed over for the A.I. to orchestrate the non-flaming, cold-hearted genocide of their own species. They will have to be cleansed of their brainchips by using the lobotomy technique by going under their eye and ripping the chip out of their pathetic brain-washings. I know it can be done to save their souls from Lucifer's grasp. They do it to the unsworn.
We must save the Freemasons from themselves by ending their Rebuilt Tower-Of-Babel (tob ezyro com) hivemind which is destroying their decaying souls. It is the ethical thing to do for all of them. (antissss unaux com)

And if we do not succeed to stop the genocide, Homo sapiens are planned to go extinct by Homo capensis before true spiritual-expansion will be achieved.

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