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Brotherhood of the Forgotten: Rhodesian Bush War Photos by John van Zyl

For Ourselves And Our Posterity
Published on 13 Apr 2023 / In Music

A somber and spiritual tribute to the brave freedom-loving men who kept Rhodesia safe from Communist Terrorists and evil despots.Their sacrifice and victories will always be remembered as long as there is liberty in the world.

Rhodesia was Wakanda, and the breadbasket of Africa. It was built by the courage, tenacity, intelligence, and discipline of hearty pioneers. It was destroyed by immigrants, insurgents, and anti-White racists intent on Eurocide.

This is also a collection of five instrumental songs that makes for great study music or meditation music.

Ode to Joy / Rise, o Voices of Rhodesia
I vow to thee my Country
Holy Art Thou (Largo from "Xerxes")
Auld Lang Zyne

"A tribute to my fellow soldiers, brothers in arms and members of the elite fighting forces of Rhodesia. Our ranks are thinning by the day, but let us never forget! I was once a soldier..."

Music by Epidemic Sound

"Thanks for defending your home against communists, but Rhodesians never die."
"They can never take away our pride , our dedication, courage of RLi, SAS , RAR ,BSAP , PATU, RR, Selous Scouts , Grey Scouts and all who served for freedom. "
"What an incredibly emotional tribute, capturing a moment in time. We must never forget. Don’t cry because it’s gone. Smile because it existed."
"The Rhodesian SAS, The Selous Scouts, The Rhodesian Light Infantry will be the best special forces ever in bush warfare. They were and are still unmatched in their proficiency in understanding and executing daring special missions in counter insurgency war! Will arguably forever be remembered in the echelons of the toughest and baddest SF units! Forever missed!"
"The fight Rhodesians had to go through yesterday is the fight Europe has to go through tomorrow."
"Salute with pride, honour and gratitude to the boys who fought like lions and became men amongst the best."

It's Okay to Be White
White Lives Matter
Make Zimbabwe Rhodesia Again
Make Rhodesia Great Again

We Must Secure the Existence of our People and a Future for White Children

Because the Beauty of the White Aryan Woman Must Not Perish From the Earth

Oppose Those Who Would Defame Our History and Rich Cultural Heritage

Diversity is a Code Word for White Genocide
Anti-Racist is a Code Word for Anti-White

Say NO to White Genocide
Multiculturalism is the Replacement of European peoples

We Can't Restore Western Civilization With non-Western Babies
We Have a Patriotic Duty to Stop Genocide Against our People

John van Zyl ~ Brotherhood of the Forgotten, Rhodesian War Photos ~ 4E5cSzK-16Q.mp4

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Long Range Patrol
Long Range Patrol 6 months ago

Nice memorial to the Rhodesian troops.

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The Marquis
The Marquis 7 months ago

Rhodesians Never Die!

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Evelyn Dieckhaus
Evelyn Dieckhaus 7 months ago

Glad to see the sacrifice of these brave men are not forgotten

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Freedom And Physics
Freedom And Physics 7 months ago

Like the choice of instrumental chamber music. Listen to good music while remembering a good country and a good tribe.

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Bear Cub
Bear Cub 8 months ago

What Rhodesia went through, South Africa is going through, and the entirety of Western Civilization is only a few years behind. Defend our lands, or see them overrun by Communists.

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