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Fighting Men of Rhodesia Series: Short Stories from the Rhodesian War, Part 2. Inerviews by John van Zyl, Preserving Rhodesian Heritage

For Ourselves And Our Posterity
Published on 17 Apr 2023 / In News and Politics

The Rhodesian Bush War was a conflict pitting people who loved freedom and building civilization against Marxist anti-White terrorists supplied by the Soviet Union, Communist China, and North Korea. The Whites bravely held on for years, but were ultimately stabbed in the back by Europhobic, Anglophobic, Anti-Western Racists and Closet Commies in "Christian" Nations.

This is an excellent interview series by Jon van Zyl that documents the stories, histories and heritage of the brave men who stood against the Marxist hordes. While Zimbabwe will never be mourned, Rhodesians never die.

"Incredible history created by the bravest of the brave. Huge respect and gratitude."
"These legends are my heroes . Respect. Tatenda Boss John , Hannes and Don for your Price-less information and stories . Salute ! Keep up your hard work. We appreciate it"
"Amazing stories ,thank you so much for bringing it to us!!"

We Can't Restore Western Civilization With non-Western Babies
We Have a Patriotic Duty to Stop Genocide Against our People

Diversity is a Code Word for White Genocide
Anti-Racist is a Code Word for Anti-White

Say NO to White Genocide
Multiculturalism is the Replacement of European peoples

Oppose Those Who Would Defame Our History and Rich Cultural Heritage. Stop Eurocide. Fight back against Europhobia and Anglophobia.

We Must Secure the Existence of our People and a Future for White Children

Because the Beauty of the White Aryan Woman Must Not Perish From the Earth

It's Okay to Be White
White Lives Matter
Make Zimbabwe Rhodesia Again
Make Rhodesia Great Again
Rhodesia was Wakanda

Make Rhodesia Great Again
Make Zimbabwe Rhodesia Again

Fighting Men of Rhodesia ~ John van Zyl ~ Short Stories from the Rhodesian War, Part 2 ~ 9XdJ-1aPUkg.mp4

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Evelyn Dieckhaus
Evelyn Dieckhaus 7 months ago

Great men, great warriors, great nation.

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Larry Thorne
Larry Thorne 7 months ago

The Rhodesians were great warriors. Semper fi

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Ian Smith
Ian Smith 8 months ago

Never forget the brave men that fought for freedom and Christian Civilization in Rhodesia

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White Lives Matter 1776

Rhodesia doubled the average lifespan of Blacks, greatly increased their birth rate, and allowed immigration by Blacks. They were then kicked out of the Civilization The built. We should learn the lesson of Rhodesia.

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Cultural Revolution
Cultural Revolution 8 months ago

This is a great interview series which really helps understand the Rhodesian Bush War, and the men who fought it. Here is the link to part 1 of the series.

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