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Rhodesian FAL - The Based Battle Rifle by Brandon Herrera

For Ourselves And Our Posterity
Published on 08 Apr 2023 / In Firearms

Great reivew of the Rhodesian Battle Rifle, the FN-FAL, though generally just called the FN. It also shows other Rhodesian battle kit.

Rhodesia was a successful modern country, the "Breadbasket of Africa" and in many ways could be considered a Wakanda. Unfortuantely, it was beset by Communist, anti-White, Europhobic insurgent terrorists sponsered by the Soviet Union and Communist China. Subversive, loxist, Eurocidal and social Marxist forces within Western governments resulted in trade embargoes and lack of support for Rhodesia. The country eventually succomed to the false "Democracy" forced upon it, which resulted in Whites having no self-government, rival black tribes being slaughtered, and Mugabe becoming the dictator of Zimbabwe.

The lesson of Rhodesia is that the world is a much better place when we support fellow White nations. Now, the Rhodesians throughout the world are Rhodesia, and Rhodesians never die.

Rhodesian FAL - The Based Battle Rifle ~ Brandon Herrera ~ Gun Review ~ VPQHX08ESzs ~ 720p

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Cultural Revolution
Cultural Revolution 5 months ago

John Edmund wrote and performed a song called "Daisy" about his FN-FAL, so people have a tendency to use that nickname.

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Larry Thorne
Larry Thorne 6 months ago

That would be a fun rifle to own and take to the range. However, it could use a better suppressor.

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Constitutionalist Realist

Great post analyzing Rhodesia and how it applies to the current state of Western Civilization.

"Rhodesia, tiny though you were. You were the test case. Few realised the significance of the betrayal, but now those very ones are waking up to reality. What a pity those who were directly responsible are aging, and it's their children and grandchildren who are paying the price of their treason.

Much strength to all you. The road ahead will be rocky."

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White Lives Matter 1776

This rifle didn’t have the jamming problems that the M-16 did in Vietnam. It would be fun if they released a civilian version in Rhodesian camo.

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Long Range Patrol
Long Range Patrol 6 months ago

We say "Occupied Rhodesia" not "Zimbabwe"

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Sam Robinson
Sam Robinson 6 months ago

If only II had 100 trillion Zimbabwean dollars for every time I've heard that comment.... :-) Oh wait, I do. Given to me as a white elephant gift.

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White Lives Matter 1776

@Sam Robinson: that’s very funny. I wish I had one as well. I’ll have to look for him, because it really is a great white elephant gift.

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