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"Africa" by Toto - Classic Song with Rhodesian Military Footage

For Ourselves And Our Posterity
Published on 30 Mar 2023 / In Music

Many people know and love Toto's song "Africa." This version gives it a twist, serving as a memorial to the brave, courageous, disciplined Rhodesian military who held off Communist terrorists supported by the Soviet Union and China. Unfortunately, the Rhodesians were stabbed in the back by the UK and Western Civilization. It is a lesson we must never forget, and never repeat.

Zimbabwe is just a name for occupied Rhodesia.

Rhodesians Never Die!

Africa ~ Toto ~ Rhodesian Bush War Footage ~ 3dC-aAWN3QM ~ 720p.mp4

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Beach Life
Beach Life 1 month ago

Make Rhodesia Great Again!

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The Marquis
The Marquis 2 months ago

Africa was better with Rhodesia, worse with Zimbabwe

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Constitutionalist Realist

Although I like Toto's official "Africa" video, I like this version honoring the Rhodesian Security Forces even more. They made the world a better place.

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Larry Thorne
Larry Thorne 2 months ago

Rhodesia was the Jewel of Africa - until taken over by Africans

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White Lives Matter 1776

I salute the brave soldiers of Rhodesia who held off the Communist Terrorists, and the brave leaders who declared independence.

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