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Rhodesians Never Die by Clem Tholet

For Ourselves And Our Posterity
Published on 22 Mar 2023 / In Music

Here is a great patriotic song from Rhodesia. Honor and glory to the brave defenders of the country. Everlasting shame to the Western leaders that did not support their brothers, and the Soviet and Chinese supported Marxist Terrorists that ruined the nation.

Never forget their heroic and lonely struggle. It's Okay to be White!

Rhodesians Never Die ~ Clem Tholet ~ 41-dLH5YqeU ~ 360p.mp4

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Beach Life
Beach Life 2 months ago

The entirety of Western Civilization is Rhodesia now. Learn the lesson of Rhodesia well.

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Constitutionalist Realist

Rhodesia is now wherever Rhodesians are. It will never die, and serves as a stark contrast to Zimbabwe.

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White Lives Matter 1776

Fun song. Like how Rhodesians kept their sense of humor, despite mortal danger and betrayal by Britain and other Christian nations.

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Freedom And Physics
Freedom And Physics 2 months ago

Praise to the brave Rhodesians, and the many others who have fought Commies and Marxists!

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