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Rare Uplugged, Acoustic Version - Rhodesians Never Die by Clem Tholet

For Ourselves And Our Posterity
Published on 30 Mar 2023 / In Music

It is the song you love, about the country you love, with footage of the military you love. Short Shorts and FN-FALs along with whatever they were able to kludge together.

Praise and honor to Ian Smith and the brave Rhodesian Security Forces. We remember and commemorate your battle agains the Communist Terrorists, Marxist Mob, and Europhobic anti-White Bigots supported by Communist China and the Soviet Union.

In this version Clem specifies that the British government were trying to break them down. Everlasting shame upon those traitors to Western Civilization and Christian Culture.

Rhodesians Never Die (Live in Salisbury 1978, Unplugged) ~ Clem Tholet ~ Songs of Love and War ~ 7__8EI27pas ~ 720p.mp4

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Bear Cub
Bear Cub 2 months ago

I think this has become the unofficial anthem of Rhodesia. We need a Rhodesian government in exile.

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Jackson Sparks In Memoriam

Like how he calls out the British government in this version of the song. If we stick together, the Communists and despots will not be able to overthrow Western nations.

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Constitutionalist Realist

Evil, Evil men destroyed Rhodesia, and Evil men supported such Commies, only to desert Zimbabwe in the end. If you want to build a nation, you need high IQ people, and people willing to sacrifice and delay gratification. Drive such people off, and Zimbabwe is what you get.

Unfortunately, we see the same thing happening in the USA, or as some have joked "Weimerica."

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Ian Smith
Ian Smith 2 months ago

The skill encourage of the Rhodesian security forces known worldwide. What a great bunch of men.

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