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WROL Lessons: South Africa Melt Down, Pt 2

Nutnfancy - 88,128 Views
Published on 29 Jul 2021 / In News and Politics

If you don't know what's happening in South Africa, you need to. I will explain the chaos, lootings, murders, and borderline Civil War in SA in broad terms here. These are unjustified illegal activities that victimize the honest citizens of South Africa. Retail centers, food stores, drug stores, food distribution centers, malls, gun stores, churches, apartment buildings, homes, and more are being destroyed by the communist-inspired looters.
I will make key points tying into past TNP warnings of these events. Also key points from Lessons Learned will be emphasized.
All of this violence and destruction would be prevented if SA's government was moral. But evidenced indicates it isn't and it has created an environment where this violence is permitted even encouraged. This immorality will always trickle down to the people and they feel emboldened to steal, murder, and destroy (this is historical).
Don't think it's just a South African problem however. This is a worldwide problem and you'll see and have seen the same results of divisive, demonizing politics here in the US. You can expect, sooner or later, the same events to come to a neighborhood near you unless the American people wake up and restore our Republic to its God-based foundings!
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For more detailed reading on the ANC, Mandela, and their negative impact on South Africa:

Yes I know philosophy is mis*pelled in the title

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JamesRoss 12 days ago

Ode to Africa:

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JamesRoss 17 days ago

If you own guns you will now need to detect covertly implanted brainchips which turn friends into unwitting spies until they realize that they have been brainchipped:
Even children can become brainchip zombies:
Get a scanner asap: you patriots!

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JamesRoss 2 days ago

Almost always a brainchipped TI will have the Freemasons or other thUgs and gangstalkers dropping weatherproof "Celdar" nano-tech onto the ground or into weatherstripping to gain elevated views. Vaccumes may suck the Celdar tech out of carpet so the thUg/minion is instructed to implant the nano-tech into furniture foam. Celdar nano-tech likely has about a 100' range and "sees" through walls. CMOS video cams can actually detect the side-effects fo the surveillance in operation: Welcome to the NWO.

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BanBigTech 24 days ago

Fire the zoo keepers!

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Dive2663225 1 month ago


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Betty 1 month ago

Very sad to see all of this unfold along with everything else in this crazy world

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vandi54 1 month ago

It looks like LA and Portland prior to the people standing up. It is coming and the media will blame those who stand up and protect their property and communities. The black communities suffer the most as they lose their businesses and safety.

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