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Seth Material - Developing your Inner Senses2 through Medium Jane Roberts back in 1972ish

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Published on 15 Sep 2021 / In How-to and Style


I wonder if high priest Manly P. Hall ever got a chance to read the Seth Material before his Freemason brother-hood murdered his ass:
The Mystery School thUg-network did not like Seth changing the beliefs of the sheeple, so they brainchipped Jane to study her connection to the Creator-God back up through her own source-Self:
I am trying to show you that the Freemasons are the sheepdogs of Homo capensis who does not want our species to spiritually expand...
Anyone who show psychic abilities and shows it publicly will soon have a medical mafia visit where the Freemasons and Easter-Stars will covertly implant and unwanted brainchip to link the target's thoughts back into the hivemind for surveillance: and how could the Creator-God allow this? It is actually your inner-Self choice to be brainchipped and forced to accelerate your spiritual growth and understanding of this reality rather than being dumbed-down. So it is up to you to fight to understand how pathetic the Freemasons really are and all the rest of the mystery school thUgs that creep around our Earth.
Dr. Katherine Horton had this to say back in 2017:
For me, they could not capture me since I became aware of their secret-service surveillance in British Columbia... They were like going to kill me if they caught me since I became aware of their Canadian Mafia.
I am still alive after 15 years of torture, they brainchipped me in 2007 and still they cannot kill me because instead I have them destroying their own soul-fragments as they tried to murder me hundreds of times.
The multidimensional life give me immortality until I grow old and die of old age.
You are also multidimensional and thus you are immortal just like everyone else. If you give up then they win, if you resist and you are determined to live a life of good-intent being non-murderous, then you will become part of the new world of enlightened souls as the Mystery School thUgs pass out of this probable reality, just like described in Seth Session 742: Don't worry too much about the fake-power of the thUgs, if you do not give into the fear of the thUggery and your reject the jab, they will end up killing themselves trying to give you the jab. They think they are getting a New Atlantis to replace the Old Atlantis, but "Exitus Acta Probat" is killing their soul-fragments... they have been fading from before me for 15 years and they will soon dry-up and blow away in the winds of loving Nature.

The Creator-God is with you every moment of your day helping you manifest the world that you choose with free-will to live in. The Mystery School Cult has no power unless you give them your power.

These inner Senses are not easy to begin developing on purpose without some prior inner skill development or determined curiosity. I suggest Lucid Dreaming skill development which I have had a new student come back to me the next day elated that "It Worked!!! I became Conscious within My Dream... WOW!!" Goto Seth Speaks Chapter 19:

“Think of the Inner Senses as paths leading to an inner reality. The first sense involves perception of a direct nature-instant cognition through what I can only describe as inner vibrational touch. Imagine a man standing on a typical street of houses and grass and trees. This sense would permit him to feel the basic sensations felt by each of the trees about him. His consciousness would expand to contain the experience of what it is to be a tree-any or all of the trees. He would feel the experience of being anything he chose within his field of notice: people, insects, blades of grass. He would not lose consciousness of who he was, but would perceive these sensations somewhat in the same way that you now feel heat and cold.”

“Psychological Time is a natural pathway that was meant to give an easy route of access from the inner world to the outer, and back again, though you do not use it as such. Psychological Time originally enabled man to live in the inner and outer worlds with relative ease. . . . As you develop in your use of it, you will be able to rest within its framework while you are consciously awake. It adds duration to your normal time. From its framework you will see that physical time is as dreamlike as you once thought inner time was. You will discover your whole selves, peeping inward and outward simultaneously, and know that all divisions are illusion.”

“If you will remember our imaginary man as he stands upon a street, you will recall that I spoke of his feeling all of the unitary essences of each living thing within his range, using the first Inner Sense. Using this third sense, this experience would be expanded. If he so chose, he would also feel the past and future essence of each living thing within his range.”

“The fourth Inner Sense involves direct cognition of a concept in much more than intellectual terms. It involves experiencing a concept completely. Concepts have what we will call electrical and chemical composition [as thoughts do]. The molecules and ions of the consciousness change into [those of] the concept, which is then directly experienced. You cannot truly understand or appreciate any living thing unless you can become that thing.”
“You can best achieve some approximation of an idea by using Psychological Time [as a preliminary]. Sit in a quiet room. When an idea comes to you, do not play with it intellectually, but reach out to it intuitively. Do not be afraid of unfamiliar physical sensations. With practice and to a limited degree, you will find that you can ‘become’ the idea. You will be inside it, looking out-not looking in.”
“Concepts such as I am referring to reach beyond your ideas of time and space. If you become proficient in the use of the third Inner Sense [perception of past, present, and future] when cognition is more or less spontaneous, then you can utilize the conceptual sense with more freedom. Any true concept has its origins outside of your camouflage system and continues beyond it. Unless you use the Inner Senses in this manner, you will only receive a glimmering of a concept, regardless of its simplicity.”

“Remember that these Inner Senses operate as a whole, working together smoothly, and that to some degree the divisions between them are arbitrary on my part. This fifth sense differs from the fourth [conceptual sense} in that it does not involve cognition of a concept. It is similar to the fourth sense in that it is free from past, present, and future, and involves an intimate becoming, or transformation of self into something else.”
“This is difficult to explain. You attempt to understand a friend by using your physical senses. Use of this fifth sense would enable you to enter into your friend. In its fullest sense, it is not available to you within your system. It does not imply that one entity can control another. It involves direct instantaneous cognition of the essence of living ’tissue.’ I use the word ’tissue’ with caution and ask you not to think of it necessarily in terms of flesh.”
“All entities are in one way or another enclosed within themselves, yet also connected to others. Using this sense, you penetrate through the capsule that encloses the self. This Inner Sense, like all others, is being used constantly by the inner self, but very little of the data received is sifted through to the subconscious or ego. Without the use of this sense, however, no man would ever come close to understanding another.”

“This is an extremely rudimentary sense. It is concerned with the entity’s innate working knowledge of the basic vitality of the universe, without which no manipulations of vitality would be possible as, for example, you could not stand up straight without first having an innate sense of balance.”
“Without this sixth sense and its constant use by the inner self, you could not construct the physical camouflage universe. You can compare this sense with instinct, as you think of it, although it is concerned with the innate knowledge of the entire universe. Particular data about specific areas of reality are given to a living organism to make manipulation within that area possible. The inner self has at its command complete knowledge, but only portions are used by an organism. A spider, spinning its web, is using this sense in almost its purest form. The spider has no intellect or ego, and its activities are pure spontaneous uses of the Inner Senses, unhampered and un-camouflaged to a great extent. But inherent in the spider, as in man, is the complete comprehension of the universe as a whole.”

“This sense operates in two ways. It can be an extension or enlargement of the self, a widening of its boundaries and of conscious comprehension. It can also be a pulling together of the self into an ever-smaller capsule that enables the self to enter other systems of reality. The tissue capsule surrounds each consciousness and IS actually an energy field boundary, keeping the inner self’s energy from seeping away.”
“No consciousness exists in any system without this capsule enclosing it. These capsules have also been called astral bodies. The seventh Inner Sense allows for an expansion or contraction of this tissue capsule.”

“Complete disentanglement from camouflage comes rarely within your system, although it is possible to achieve it, particularly in connection with Psychological Time. When Psychological Time is utilized to its fullest extent, then camouflage is lessened to an astounding degree. With disentanglement, the inner self disengages itself from one particular camouflage before it either adopts another set smoothly or dispenses with camouflage entirely. This is accomplished through what you might call a changing of frequencies or vibrations: a transformation of vitality from one particular pattern or aspect to another. In some ways, your dream world gives you a closer experience with basic inner reality than does your waking world, where the Inner Senses are so shielded from your awareness.”

“An energy personality who wishes to become a part of your system does so using this sense. The energy personality first diffuses himself into many parts. Since entry into your plane or system, as a member of it, cannot be made in any other manner, it must be made in the simplest terms, and later built up-sperm, of course, being an entry in this respect. The energy of the personality must then be recombined. ”

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