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The Only Existing Video of Seth Speaking Through Jane Roberts With Ed Busch Interview

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Published on 20 Jun 2024 / In Spiritual
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Hi Folks,

I think you will enjoy this. I have revamped and edited the only existing video of Seth speaking thru Jane Roberts. Richard Kendall (Dickie), my wife Deborah and I got together to create this video in 1993. I decided to put it on YouTube tonight.

But first: Who was Seth and Jane Roberts?

Seth is a nonphysical entity or personality who was channeled through the trance medium Jane Roberts from 1963 to her death in 1984. She DICTATED her 30-40 books to her husband, Rob, who transcribed them by hand before typing them up.

Jane also held weekly Seth classes in Elmira for about 10+ years in the 1960s and 1970s. I attended those original Seth classes for about year in 1972-3. If anyone is familiar with the classes, I was one the “The New York Boys” and Seth called me “our poet.” I have written 4000+ poems and counting.

Weekly transcripts were made of Seth's comments made during these 4-hour classes--including class members' comments and questions--and have themselves been turned into books as well.

Dr. Jon Klimo, in his book, “Channeling,” credits Seth as ushering in the modern new-age movement—introducing concepts like “you create your own reality, simultaneous time, you’re as dead right now as you’ll ever be,” and much more.

In short, Seth's concepts empower each person to find their own answers, and not look to others for answers.

His idea is that when you ask a question, it is flag that tells you that you already have in the answer inside you-and so find it. He added that if he answers all of our questions, then we would stop looking for answers—believing we had the full answers—but we would only have half the answers. It was up to us to find the other half and more—within ourselves.

Thus, he suggested that people take brave journeys of self-awareness in order to better understand ourselves and the beliefs behind our emotions and expectations--in order to see how these all connect to our life’s experiences and forming our realities.

And in the process--we should be gentle with ourselves—and realize that perfection is a state of becoming and that we are all perfect with our imperfections.

He has also said that love is the basis for existence and the glue that holds physical reality together. Thus, as we learn to form our own realities—we are to do so including helping and not harming others.

Getting back to this video, the following is what was edited and revamped:

The questions in the interview with Jane and Rob--which open the video--have now been put in chronological order--so it is easier to follow Jane's and Rob's story as they tell it.

The interview has been broken up into segments which are now introduced by Richard Kendall using the comments and questions that I wrote for him to read. His "TelePrompter" were separate sheets of loose leaf paper with my handwritten text--which we taped onto the camera below the lens.

(Funny, It should be about the seth phenomenon rather than who is doing the educating.)

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