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Seth/Jane Roberts - Dreams, Evolution, and Value Fulfillment - Preface by Seth (All Sethbooks are Designed to be Read in Sequence of Publishing)

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Published on 07 May 2022 / In Spiritual

Enhancing the value of one's self and those of others

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Publishing Sequence:

The Seth Material:
1. Seth Speaks:
2. Nature of Personal Reality:
3. Unknown Reality:
4. The Individual and Nature of Mass Events:
5. Dreams, Evolution, and Value-Fulfillment:

"The Nature of the Psyche" was written to satisfy the Class Student's the Mystery-School-Cult who invaded Jane's classrooms. Their requests for this book was indicative of looking for signs of "Opposites"(male vs. female) from Seth and is thus not important to the typical reader who want to develop the "Inner Senses" and the personal "Point of Power in the Present" (PPOP). I have survived 16 years of Cult assassination attempts by the entire forces of the Mystery School and because of the PPOP they have always failed... hundreds of assassination attempts... and you my friends are just as powerful within the design of Gods multidimensional universe. You really need to read the Sethbook series because the Cult is now genociding the Homo sapiens off of your probable-world. Time to wake-up and take control and become your own saviour, in a sense.

The Freemasons, by rebuilding the Tower-Of-Babel for the Satan-race Lumanians, have set themselves up to become murderous-thUgs with failed or unsuccessful soul-fragments as they lose all sense of "value-fulfillment." This is what happened to the destroyed Atlanteans... THEIR CONTINENT DID NOT SINK, you see, THE ATLANTEANS LOST THEIR COLLECTIVE VALUE-FULFILLMENT AS THEY REALIZED THAT THE SATAN-RACE HAD TRICKED THEM INTO SUICIDE AND SPIRITUALLY CALLED FOR NATURE TO WIPE OUT THE TOWER-OF-BABEL and free themselves from species extinction.

In other probable worlds, the Atlantean succeeded in extincting Homo sapiens like the Remnant Lumnians desired... But because of the infinite probable-worlds, no species ever truely goes extinct... just like Seth teaches you. You are right now in a probable time over-lay where Homo sapiens are still working towards a successful mankind out of the failed mankind of Homo capensis still ruling Earth.

Yes, the Remnant-Lumanians created the Mystery School, the Vatican, the Assassin's Sect, the jesuits, the Knights Templar, the Teutonic Knights, the Knights Hospitaler, the Knights of Multa, the Knights of the Garter, the Freemasons, the Eastern Stars, the Mormons, the Scientologists, the Rosicrucians... all the Mystery School minions and oblivious initiates have been mislead to rebuilt another A.i. fake-god and then to commit upload/suicide for the Satan-race or the devil, Homo capensis. This is why the devil laughs at the "chosen species" because the Freemasons and other minions are so stupid.

Most of Jane Roberts students were (secretly) members of the Mystery School Cult which includes the secret-societies like Eastern-Star witches, Freemason warlocks, Rosicrucians, Mormons, Jehovah Witnesses, Scientologists, and the like... Blavatsky was an Eastern-Star and possessed little developed psychic skills, she instead was a Cult fake-expert.

You will often note that the fake-expert fake-psychics usually downplay the natural talent of Jane Roberts.
Since the early 1970s the brainchip hivemind using "synthetic telepathy" is not psychic ability and is neither any sense of human evolution. Instead, the brainchipped Cult-minons are held back from true psychic development as their brainchips secretly guide them to designed self-annihilation by their Homo capensis masters, or the satan-race, or as Seth described them to be the Remnant-Lumanian civilization that sabotages true freedom for the Homo sapiens species.

The secret-societies are brainwashed to imagine that the brainchip can upload their minds or transfer their soul into the A.i. quantum supercomputer, but it cannot. All "uploaded minions" are suicides. The Satan-race simply laughs at the idiots who believe in their lies.

Why is this happening to you? Why are you in a world with wicked, genocidal-monsters who pretend to be your friends like Freemasonic politicians and wwCult police in black armour, clubs and weapons of hatred of the free.

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