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Published on 07 May 2022 / In Spiritual

The Mystery School cult hinders the truth and blocks it. The Freemasons have been blocking and hindering my message for 16 year and they have failed hundreds of assassination attmepts against my life... that should tell them something about the Satan-race whom the serve and follow. But they Cult continues to hinder and try to murder my ass out of here. Self-annihilation is the choice of Freemasonry, not Ad-Astra.

What is All-That-Is?
Seth describes All-That-Is in the Sethbook :

"Dreams, Evolution and Value-Fulfillment"
Chapter 1: Session 882, September 26, 1979

"I will purposely avoid using the word “God” because of the connotations placed upon it by conventional religion. I will make an attempt to explain the characteristics of this divine process throughout this book. I call the process “All That Is.” All That Is is so much a part of its creations that it is almost impossible to separate the “creator from the creations,” for each creation also carries indelibly within it the characteristics of its source.

[... 1 paragraph ...]

I am not saying that the universe is the result of some “psychological machine,” either, but that each portion of consciousness is a part of All That Is, and that the universe falls together in a spontaneous, divine order (intently)—and that each portion of consciousness carries within it indelibly the knowledge of the whole."

If you wish to research where Seth said something then learn how to use

In great support of the concepts of Seth revealing the "secrets" from All-That-Is... I began exposing political corruption in Canada exposing the NAFTA Scam starting back in 2002.

In 2006, the Freemasons discovered me handing out thousands of anti-corruption CDs where they began trying to assassinate me. The Freemason heritage is Knights Templar how amagamated with the Assassin's Sect before the great Christian Crusades where the Templar tricked the Christians and back-stabbed them (according to the homeless travelling historian Dr. Sean Hross)

The Freemasons, Eastern-Stars, Jehovah Witnesses and Mormons are just of the many secret societies members of the Mystery School Cult who have participated with the many, many assassination attmepts on my multidimensional life. I am still here... Seth claimed that no one can destroy anyone else and that the act of murder changes the soul... for the worse. Seth stated that they who live by the sword, die by the sword. Also that the ends never justifies the means.
Interesting that the Freemasonic motto on the Washington arch is "EXITUS ACTA PROBAT" which translates to " the outcome justifies the deed"... a clear view of the demolished world trade center could be viewed from under or behind the Washington Arch which represents the apotheosis of Washington. The Freemasons are already very tainted as a murderous branch of humanity, you see, their souls are tainting just like the Atlanteans tainted their souls and then they all lost their Tower-of-Babel hivemind based upon Lumanian brainchips and an A.i. supercomputer-god.

You, my dear souls, are living in the probable-world challenge where your efforts will guide you either into the dying world of Freemasonry's successful extinction of Homo sapiens or into the surviving world of successful humans who evolve toward physical godliness. Seth teaches you your Inner Senses in Chapter 19 of "The Seth Material" and of your PPOP in Chapter 15 of "The Nature of Personal Reality"...
You see, your loving Creator-God is looking out for your well-being and spiritual development while the Satan-race is "capturing the souls of the lazy." Which kind of soul-fragment do you want to have? The Freemasons are sheepdogs of the devil-race and Christian who fall for the trap will be deemed "lazy critical-thinkers" and followers of the Homo capensis liars and tricksters. Freemasons and Cult minions are not critical-thinkers and think they are choosing the "winning side"... there are no sides... you simply show your true-colors as a developing soul-fragment... Seth says, not many fragments make it into the eternally valid gestalt of All-That-Is or out of the mid-planes after many, probable-selves physical deaths.

This is how Freemasons are brainwashed by Homo capensis to behave:

What you need to realize is that the multidimensional universe of framework1 is just the surface of your framework2 or spiritual foundation. You are expected to enhance your species' development with your beliefs, desires and physical efforts... not to genocide or destroy your species to become ficticious cyborgs like the Freemasons desire... they are failing soul-fragments and will likely become assimilated back into their source-Self's existence.

When you are born into physical reality your new soul-fragment already existed outside of time and space. Then the Creator-God provides you with framework1 to grow like a flowering plant and bloom. What is happening is the Homo capensis Remnant-Lumanians have blighted the spiritual-growth of those who choose to follow the satan-race towards self-annihilation. You are in a customized probable-world with fellow co-creators. The choice to genocide one's own species away is counter productive and shows those who are willing participants (like all the secret-societies minions) that they are unworthy to enter the gestalt of All-That-Is or the Spiritual Kingdom of the Creator-Gods.

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