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Seth, Jane Roberts, The Unknown Reality - Session 742... Warning to Luciferians: (Exitus Acta Probat) Is Your Path To Self-Annihilation

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Published on 14 Aug 2022 / In Spiritual

The ends never justify the means And the Luciferian "New Atlantis" is tainted by genocide of their own species. Organized clot-shots to begin satan's sheep slaughter to symbolize disease. Next will be the famine if the sheep refuse to peacefully take control of their positions of authority. Away from those Luciferians in power who serve the Tower-Of-Babel A.i. and remaining, ancient Homo capensis.

"May you live in interesting times." Is a Chinese proverb, but is not a mocking curse since it accelerates the development of the soul-fragments' compared to incarnations within tranquil times. It is not a mistake for your incarnation to be here-now where the Luciferians are playing out their world-takeover. You are a developing soul-fragment within your personalizing probable world training ground. Do not fear death because you are multidimensional. The Freemasons have been trying to murder me for 16 years and they follow me around my main probable world thinking that I am the second-coming, But we all have our own main probable worlds where you are apparently invincible, like me here in this one... it is the Creator-God's gift to allow minions to escape the fake-deal with the Homo capensis devils.

If the Freemasons covertly brainchip a soul of good-intentions, then resistance to the "word of god" weapon expands the understanding of Freemasonic sheepdogs and their ancient Homo capensis masters. It is best not to be brainchipped because most people are tricked into suicide if not remote-controlled into a brainchip-biorobot-zombie that cannibalizes: but there is a way to detect brainchip bio-robots with a scanner:

Ancient devil-monsters will eventually perish because they know the mind-upload is a lie to trick minions to serve them. The ancient masters, Homo capensis, are implemented to be called "The Devils" of the bible.
The Freemasons are their brainwashed sheepdogs and imagine they gonna upload their minds at places like Astana: to get zapped like bugs by their treacherous ancient masters:

Freemasons, save your spiritual "selfs" from the box of shame: If you rebel, they cannot kill you by the grace of the multidimensional universe... a gift from All-That-Is within your personalized training-grounds assisted by your Oversoul from which you fragmented off of according to the Seth messenger.

I have become aware from the Sethbooks that murder or conspiracy to murder changes the souls of those thUgs by hollowing them out by collapsing their multidimensional universe. Seth is another messenger from the Creator-God (All-That-Is maintains your physical presence upon Earth multiple times every second. Your personalized probable-worlds are reCreated by God, but by acts of murder you are tagging along within my probable-world where you cannot assassinate me, it seems.)
Seth says the personalities full of hate and self-righteous greed get contained in a spiritual box (like a spiritual monolith, ha, Space Odyssey 2001)... your soul-fragment-gift becomes contained and thus your murderous, ugly personality-energy-essences fail to go anywhere worth going to. "Ad Astra" is also a devils' lie. Astana is a lie, it cannot upload a single mind.

That is the price to pay for becoming a murderous minion to the devils, Homo capensis. There is no mind-upload into any fake A.i. singularity. There is no singularity capable to contain the mind/soul. George Bush's "Thousand Points Of Light" is a lie. You all hung your "self" for nothing but a lie from the devils. There never was a deal made for your soul, it was a lie. You were tricked into destroying your precious soul-gift in exchange for a lie. You murderous, greedy phallic-symbols. We can add that you are genocidal, too, since April 1st, 2020 Covid-19 plandemic: what horrible souls you decay your "self" into thUgs. You only get one crack at this and All-That-Is is still maintaining your physical training-grounds in the chance you decide to repair your decaying souls. Wow! What a forgiving Creator-God... yet blamed to be jealous and vengeful, all false!

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