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Sethbooks Debunk The Evolution-Religion In Support Of Intelligent-Design By All-That-Is Or God

JamesRoss - 64 Views
Published on 30 Sep 2022 / In Spiritual

It is rather insane to imagine that the impossible odds of a series of accidents created the Homo sapiens species with the abilities of self-reflextion, judgement, imagination, dreaming, spirituality, etc.

The Sethbooks are an attempt by our loving Creator-God to save Homo sapiens from organized extinction by the wicked Homo capensis species that the bible calls "The Devil."

This "Professor Dave" is not likely a Luciferian, just a brainwashed, typical atheist who follows the sheeple's psychological fences.

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JamesRoss 2 months ago

Professor Dave believes that stars are "fusion reactors"...
ignoring that sun-spots are holes in the corona showing a cooler core than the exterior... The Sun is a magnetic/electric plasma accumulator as described by
The Freemason/Luciferian religion secretly studies this magnetism using public funds through universities around the world. But the dumbed-down, non-Cult people like Professor Dave preach the science religion handed out by Freemasons like it is gospel without an open mind. Sethbooks teach their readers this.

How could floppy wings of a bat evolve into flight without becoming easy prey for predators first? The Sethbooks explain this.

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