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ICKE Exposed Himself as Front-man(Judas Goat) by His Own Freemasonic Symbolism

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Published on 03 Dec 2022 / In People and Blogs

Icke began his conspiracist-career exposing compass and square logos of Freemasonry only to find him showing allegiance to the Octogon-enforcers with the lion ruling them all. Spiritually, his heart is foul as he leads his own species towards extinction... Now you understand why he became so popular by rigged mass-media associating the bs-lizard-people-idiocy with Freemasonic-human-atrocities...
After Icke made that lizard-association, Cult members also with compromised integrity, could claim and point their finger the likes of Icke, and say you believe in Lizard-people, too, and claim you're a nut like him. Icke is not a nut, he is a Judas goat... and look at all his followers who began believing in his lizard-queen claims.
Even Bill Hicks made the above claims, but now they are conspiring buds on a stick, together, hand in hand.

Cover photo is Icke looking at his master, the Homo capensis(lion on so many flags and coats of arms it makes you sick) Icke knows symbolism but thinks the sheeple will not notice because he is "the Icke!"

Icke and his interviewer are actually front-men, too, but for opposition, which is one of Ickes claims to becoming famous... he used to expose the brainchip takeover and the hivemind, but has layed back from exposing the root of power of the NWO... the microwave grid. He does not expose the microwave grid going up into the low level satellites that will communicate with the brainchip hivemind every where on the surface without towers.

Behind Icke you will see a Lion(symbol of Homo capensis, the dandy-lion) in a square frame(symbol of the base of the masonic pyramid and concept of '4').

Also he has a lion statue (which is the same as above) standing upon the octagon( symbol of knights Templar: )
Behind the lion statue is a square frame with a circle within it which contains the concept of '4' and the concept of '3' the compass.

Octagon, circle, square and lion are not coincidence because April 1st, 2020 was the "new dawn" where A.i. took control of world-wide governance and suggested by Trump speaking from behind a podium with presidential seal and USA flag removed from stage. Icke is exposed like his partner Bill Hicks aka Alex Jones:

"From the ashes" was used by the interviewer at 46:33 which is the rising phoenix terminology... likely they both are complicit opposition to the NWO. Normal people do not say "from the ashes"... typically, because they do not want the old world to burn down into ashes.
Here again, Icke has the opportunity to tell his listeners/followers that the A.i. is wirelessly connecting into the computer-brain-interface that now Elon Musk has the job of exposing... Icke knows not to expose the mechanics of that topic anymore... he just reiterates that humanity will be connected. Clot shot cannot connect the mind to computers... a very sophisticated interface needs to be drilled into the skull and the procedure takes over half an hour to an hour... a medical-mafia visit is required while the target is asleep. This is why you need to chain your doors while sleeping once you resist the NWO... you will be targeted and implanted and character-assassinated if assassination fails... usually just a heart-attack bitter drug(I lived through that poisoning attempt, my heart quivered for 4 days before beating once again.) Icke would have been dead a long time ago if he wasn't a Judas Goat following orders, gathering followers. I've had hundreds of attempts upon my life, Icke hasn't even had one attempt from the assassins sect/ freemasons. Icke thinks he has bartered with his soul to be uploaded into Astana A.i. no doubt. But the joke is on him because all mind-uploads are fake and unprovable as A.i. mimic the thUgs personalities from records.


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