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Carrie Madej With Judas Goat Alex Jones

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Published on 04 May 2021 / In Spiritual

Source: https://www.vtvault.org/homemain
Dr. Madej is a blessing to humanity.
Alex Jones can see this and he makes his name using the good-intentions of others.

This is not to say Alex does not perform acts that are benefitial for the Good-Hearted.

But it is time for humanity to mature into the spiritually enhanced beings that we are designed to become without brainchips because the alternative is humanity's pathetic self-extinction. Yes, the Cult is heading towards their pathetic self-annihilation. You do not want to go that direction, it will not be enjoyable.

Humanity has been infiltrated by the ancient species "Homo capensis" that pretends to be "Satan" or aliens to hide itself. They secretly created and rules-over the human-minions of the Mytery School Cult, like Alex Jones and members of his team. He called himself a General once as he made his "gravy." Run Alex, run! Your stronghold in Hawaii beckons you.

This Cult is very high-tech, where minions are trained their entire lives to be deceptive and they get very good at it. You need to develop your critical thinking and intuition my dear unsworn people.

Jones hides the Cult's design by calling all his fellow Freemasons an arbitrary term like "Globalists". He know their is not "Force of Evil" guiding the zombies. He knows that they are brainchipped bio-robots instead. http://brainchipzombies.unaux.com/

Alex sits in front of the Cult symbol of the magnetic dome with a hole in the top. This is masonic worship of "Light." They ganged up on David LaPoint who exposed the nature of light and stars and galaxies. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9EPlyiW-xGI Jones sits in front of that magnetic symbolism for a secret communication reason to his fellow thUgs to say that he is one of the Cult believers. Just like his "war-room" symbol http://d1bm3dmew779uf.cloudfro....nt.net/rss/show/2670 is the A.I.-Sun disc with wings http://humanpast.net/images/prehistory0008.jpg found above ancient Egyptian doorways... Another major symbol of the Cult that depicts the abundant feathers of surveillance and control by the A.I. computer-god of the past.

Alex Jones is within the A.I.-hivemind of thUgtopia. The Tower-Of-Babel has been rebuilt and this is why the thUgs now want to genocide all the un-needed workers of western civilization who unwittingly paid taxes to help rebuild that technological tower that serves the ancient-race, Homo capensis. https://ugetube.com/watch/kare....n-hudes-world-bank-i

That should be enough to get your critical thinking started if not working already. You can watch the revealing videos on my JamesRoss channel if you want to learn how to "take control of your future."

Manifesting your own salvation using love is what God requires to help you grow stronger.

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