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Front-man(Minion) Einstein Was One Of The Biggest Judas Goats From Freemasonry

JamesRoss - 416 Views
Published on 25 Jan 2024 / In Science

There is a famous photo of Einstein sticking out his tongue at the non-cUlt people... I'm surprised that he did not also wink at the same time. You can see that the Luciferians are still hyping the well organized fraud... it hides world-wide-takeover fraud. The true genius was down-played by cUlt-media as they promoted corruption and fraud and the brainwashing of the dumbed-down sheeple.

The Mystery School cUlt of Freemasons encouraged Einstein to plagiarize the truly brilliant people of his day and age because "sheepdogs"(freemasons) have the cUlt-duty to herd the sheeple.
The ancient-masters running the cUlt, Homo capensis, could not allow a non-cUlt-sworn scientist to rise to popularity beyond the Mystery School cUlt's control.
This is why so many music artists gaining the ability to grab the sheeple's notice and audiance had sudden deaths. The sworn-job of the Jesuit, Templar, Jesuit, assassins-sect was to cull the uncontrolled-rising-star without the fingers pointing back at the cUlt of murderous-thUgs.

Einstein was a Hollywood genius which was all fabricated by the cUlt in control of mass-media, politics, policing, military, education, universities, medical systems... etc.,

And look what CJB has been doing... trying to popularize the truth rather than the lies brainwashed into the common beliefs of western society.


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JamesRoss 3 months ago
The story that he stuck his tongue out was not likely this story... at the end of the day he was with fellow conspirators and a cUlt photographer asked for a dead sheep's tongue which was not supposed to go public... All the minions of Freemasonry knew he was a fraud. The cUlt released the photo to the public for it's mockery upon the sheeple who believed the bs that he was a genius.

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