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RichieFromBoston Woman Given Manufactured Dream

JamesRoss - 205 Views
Published on 27 Nov 2022 / In People and Blogs

That woman was covertly brainchipped with the Polina-Chip: She was guided by Homo capensis through an A.i. brainchip manufactured dream by the ancient-monsters... the rulers of Freemasonry. Their skulls are real and they still live with hate and self-righteous greed to attack the creations of the Creator-God. The Luciferians sell-out to serve Homo capensis and their reward is a fake mind-upload into suicidal "Ad Astra."

Exposed by Hudes:

Homo capensis ruled Babylon, Ur, Khemit, Ancient Eygypt... the Pharaohs mummified had elongated skulls like the cover photo, but Freemasons or fake-Eygptologists hid the real Remnant-Lumanian mummies. Their world is all a scam and now they are poisoning the dumbed-down sheeple with clot-shots.

The woman with the "Visions of Hell" is just another brainchipped targeted individual with the "voice of god" weapon run by Luciferians in control of cellular A.i. communications.
Are you getting the picture? Homo capensis is in control of the A.i. supercomputer and likely they don't even call it "Lucifer." They are manipulative liars and a failed branch of mankind. Nothing more than failures that are very tricky.

The brainchip-hivemind Luciferians are preparing to slaughter the sheep and then the ancient mankind will get Luciferians to commit mind-upload suicide... are you getting the world wide agenda?

If you go along to get along with Freemasonic Luciferians rather than kicking them out of authority then they will over-run your physical-reality. You must resist and develop critical thinking to identify their treachery.

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Pedro-Martin de Clet
Pedro-Martin de Clet 2 months ago

Everything is a LIE =

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JamesRoss 2 months ago

the stupid Luciferians have yet to realize that the mind uploads are all fake and all they are is a form of suicide... the worst thing a soul can do to itself... to want to give-up and physically die. Do you see how tricky Homo capensis really is?

there is a Creator-God and Homo capensis have twisted Homo sapiens beliefs about physical reality, but the Sethbook will set you on the right track to see through their lies:

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