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Exposing Another Brainchip Prophet Who Was Given An A.i. Manufactured Dream From Luciferians

JamesRoss - 97 Views
Published on 24 Sep 2022 / In Technology

I exposed Morgue the Hyperian as a selected covertly brainchip puppet with wicked intent.

Then I found Jonathan Kleck who was brainchipped before 2002 and converted into another follower of the "word of god" weapon turning him into a brainchip prophet of good intent.

Fritz Springmeier was covertly brainchipped back in the 1990s and has good-intent for his species.

Jan @ XtremeRealityCheck was covertly brainchipped back in about 2008 I figured by studying her Youtube channel posts of manufactured, prophetic dreams. (Ugetube or Cloudflare is blocking this video so I just downloaded the vid and it played fine in VLC)

And now we have SJWellFire with his manufactured, prophetic dream of the A.i. supercomputer takeover of Earth... Which is the agenda of the ancient failed race of mankind, Homo capensis, those elongated skull, genetically twisted people... a species twisted away from the Creator-God given genetic blueprint to spiritually evolve... naturally. But they turned themselves into monsters instead using ancient A.i. technology, likely millions of years ago.

The Freemasonic/Luciferian minions rebuilt another Tower-Of-Babel which will be used in another attempt to extinct Homo sapiens. The ancient devils believe that the Creator-God has chosen Homo sapiens to replace their failed genetics as the new loving caretakers of planet Earth. This is the quest of Homo sapiens...

Instead, Homo capensis had created the Mystery School Cult to taint the unworthy into genocidal fanatics. Freemasons and the other Luciferians are tricked to believe in the fake mind-uploads to become independant of their souls-in-the-flesh(from their biological bodies). This is the brainwashing of the secret-societies to trick them into servitude to the ancient devils. But no mind-upload is true, the A.i. is a trickster, fake-god and only mimics the personalities of the suicided Freemasons and other thUg/minions.

The spear of destiny holds no significance nor power of transformation. It is just symbolic for the believers in that crap dogma.

The Creator-God has made for everyone an independant, and cocreated multidimensional universe where you play-out your true colours to be either worthy or unworthy of your blessed soul-fragment from All-That-Is.
Everyone has already been given eternal validity, but the murderous and genocidal have no worthiness to grow their souls with loving behavior. The murderous will be kept safe from harm within a spiritual box while the loving worthy souls have grown rather than decayed with self-righteous greed.

Are you getting the bigger picture? Fear not death and live your hearts with lovingness or you will be another lingering shriveled soul-fragment like the ancient devils, that failed race of mankind.

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