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The MAG Calls Comedian Bill Hicks: "Alex Jones" Hicks Defames Truthers (Just Like Icke Defamed Truthers with his Lizard-People Connection)

JamesRoss - 257 Views
Published on 04 Aug 2022 / In Spiritual

Back in April 2018, Comedian Bill Hicks (aka Alex Jones) said on the air: "The purpose of is done... everything from here on is just gravy!" And then he continued to bs his listeners.

The public attack on Jones is fake, but the public attacks upon real non-Cult-sworn people will be real. Just like the clot-shots are genociding the oblivious-sheep, soon the defiant sheep who didn't remove the Freemasons from their local politics will be facing tyranny in order to shut them down.

The Freemasons have been trying to murder me for 16 years... you are living within the same multidimensional universe where your Creator-God will not let you die... so fight to the end and you will enter the probable-world where you find salvation.
The sheep who lay down to acquiesce and die... will... but those who seek salvation will eventually earn it. Freedom is not free, you seek it and find it or you make it exist for yourself and others. You are not a humming-bird on a goose... you will have to power your own flight and fight when needed.

I learned lots from Infowars, but MAG is correct that Alex Jones is a Judas Goat name and an actor.

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Bmg1010101 8 days ago

I agree 100 percent totally staged. Disinformation agent.

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