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Maya Temples Were The Old Atlantis, Serving the Satan-Race, Homo capensis

JamesRoss - 551 Views
Published on 22 Jul 2022 / In Travel and Events

The "old masters" who guided the building and repairs of the Maya Temples were the ancient devils, Homo capensis.
They prepared the Freemasons for another possible thunderbolt from Mar's close approach of 2003 by having them build hundreds of Deep Underground Military Bases world-wide and this is likely why they did not begin pushing the hivemind-Cult takeover until that danger-time passed..
After 2003 the medical mafia began covertly brainchipping anyone who stood-out as a resistor to the NWO or showed notable psychic ability... the ancient-thUgs want to stop the spiritual-expansion of the human mind, so psychic with a free mind where/are considered dangerous to the NWO takeover.

The Myan calender of Dooms Day seems fake once you know about the ancient species of Homo capensis constantly brainwashing and tricking our species.
Once you know the Mystery School Cult are considered to be the "New Atlanteans" and that they have made a fake-deal with the devil to sell-out their own genetics to become cyborgs and travel to the stars like the BORG in Star-Trek, then you realize the Mayan Dooms Day is just a Hoax also to waste the time of speculators.

I personally traveled to Tikal ruins in Guatemala while sail-boat hunting and investigating the extent of the rebuilt Tower-Of-Babel
At Temple 5, I noticed 3 to 4 repairs made to that temple with the stoneworking becoming more and more crude... technology was getting less accurate.

When the temple Chechen Itcha was discovered the first thing to happen was Freemason archeologist combed the area for artifacts that were out-of-place and contradicted the official fake story of history.
Homo capensis had to remain hidden.

I wonder why they let Brien Foerster expose the Paracas People skull in Peru, But Brien never calls the skulls "Homo capensis" or the Lumanians of the Sethbooks

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