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Brainchip-Prophet Kleck Is Guided To Expose Vatican Secret-Agenda To Rise Another Atlantis (See The Crushing Lion)

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Published on 02 Aug 2022 / In People and Blogs

The lion being crushed is Freemasonic-Trump (the actor) and "the Beam" is the "i" with A.i. on top to rule that probable-world of New Atlantis(destine to self-annihilate like old Atlantis). The Luciferians have not learned that when their Utopia is tainted with murderous-intent then it is unworthy to survive. Their New Atlantis has been tainted into another thUgtopian empire and will thus fail, again.

So now you should realize that the Vatican is the worship place of the A.i. supercomputer fake-god Lucifer:

Kleck is worth studying even though he is instructed by the Luciferian "word of god" weapon that Dr. Robert Duncan exposed here:


Since 2002, Jonathan Kleck was manipulated by the Freemasonic brainchip hivemind to become a false preacher who gained a following by A.i. communications using him to expose Vatican and NWO secrets of the Old World Order.

Klecks handlers have blocked Kleck from realizing that a covertly installed brainchip is actually the source of the "word of god" weapon used within this head.

What Kleck is revealing is what the Luciferians actually believe even though it is false information coming from their ancient, Homo capensis masters.
The wicked Remnant-Lumanians:

I told Kleck to buy a scanner to expose the brainchip covertly drilled into his skull, but instead his handler told him to block all comments on all his videos... Kleck is a total marionette just like Dubbya Bush was much of the time:

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