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Trump Is Not Done, Yet, I Notice wwCult Minions Still Curse Him, but Why?... His Coat of Arms Indicate He Wields the Fabled Spear of Destiny, BUT Rather: He Decays from Within

JamesRoss - 255 Views
Published on 29 Jul 2022 / In People and Blogs

Trump is a minion of the NWO and a Mystery School Cult Judas Goat still serving the satan-race, Homo capensis to extinct Homo sapiens.

The Trump Tower hides the worship of the A.i. supercomputer and the tower's dedication to the ancient satan-race, the old devils.

Eros is in the arms of Psyche on his Pent-house table... This means the Mystery School Cult of minions all serve the Remnant-Lumanians that our Creator-God informed us about by the messenger Seth through Jane Roberts(untainted by the wwCult of Freemasons and Eastern-Stars with all their dogma and rhetoric)

Through the Sethbooks I was able to determine that the Remnant-Lumanians are considered the third lingering civilization of their species that became twisted by the use of A.i.supercomputers to live almost forever compared to the Creator-God's blueprint for mankind. Homo capensis have no magical powers... in fact their biology is inferior to Homo sapiens since we as a species can still mature properly into spiritually expanded creatures beyond what Homo capensis is capable of.

Homo capensis realizes this and tried to steal our vitality, but Nature rejected their attempt to do so. Thus the old devils hate Nature even more than their fear of natural physical forces. They hide from Nature deep in the Earth's crust like devils. They poison the thoughts of their minions like devils. They put themselves at the center of the Christian bible for Luciferians to worship their illusionary powers, which is just ancient technology and not magical at all...

The human satanists are brainwashed to believe the devil can take their souls, but this is impossible... our Creator-God does not allow this, but they have tricked all their followers that this is true. Such contracts with that species mean nothing to the Creator-God and by shear will-power all minions can disregard the contract that they think binds them.
The devil has tried to kill me with superior technology for 16 years, but cannot succeed. The same is for everyone who still lives within physical reality...

If you choose to save your soul, then your Creator-God will support you in your quest, but they devils will attack you like they attack me, but you will survive and you will be blessed with success within your personalized probable-world. Everyone live on to old age within their main probable-world... This is the gift that All-That-Is provides all creature... you cannot sell your soul, ever, not even Donald Trump can sell his soul to the devil, but he can believe he did and die in the fake mind-upload to face his Creator and likely be entrapped by the mid-planes which retains the hateful and self-righteously greedy, decaying and shriveled, unworthy souls... lost in servitude to monsters and filled with murderous-intent.

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AK Kulis
AK Kulis 14 days ago

No, we are not going to examine shit.
I cannot stand this computer voice- did you even LISTEN TO IT before uploading???
I quit at 1:15

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JamesRoss 14 days ago

The Luciferians are more numerous at bitchute than here on Ugetube.
Anyone who believes that the A.i. supercomputer will (some day) be able to upload the mind of a human is actually a Luciferian in the making if not one already.

The computer brain interface is not capable of accessing the memories of the mind on it's own. All the brainchip can do is monitor and translate the synaptic and neuron activity of the physical brain... The brain is not the mind, the brain is only the physical manifestation of the mind. The soul is even more generally spiritual.
The soul-fragment is the beginner soul which is a gift from the Creator-God, not from your biological mother. The parents or conception of physical life is determined by the soul and the Creator before conception. The soul exists before the physical body because the soul is timeless and eternally valid... the physical body is not eternally valid within the space-time illusion that the Creator-God provides as a soul's training-grounds.

Trump's family line pretends to wield the "Spear of Destiny" which had pierced the side of the biblical god, Jesus. Luciferians play-out the Christian bible because they are also believers in the devils of the bible and they pretend to sell their souls to the devils...
Selling one's soul is not allowed by the Creator-God, so this ritual of losing one's souls is fake and brainwashing for the wwCult minions. The Luciferians also trick the Christians to believe in selling the soul, too.

Trump is just another Judas Goat who has been conditioned, trained and honed by the satan-race to be the biggest sell-out of Western Civilization and replace it with "New Atlantis" their next fiery phoenix.

The big problem for the Luciferians is that the devils lied to them about the mind-uploads because they are impossible. Spiritual personalities cannot be forced into an algorithm or formula or silly "soul-equation."
The dream that Freemasons like Trump are going to the stars... "Ad Astra" is a lie, too. The devil has tricked the wwCult to genocide their own species with clot-shots and lies. Then they will all commit suicide while pretending to upload into silly facades like Astana's "Sun Tower" of mind-uploads:

In order to save your probable-world, you will need to identify the Luciferian traitors of humanity. You can do this with a scanner:

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