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8 most difficult things for Aspies / Asperger's syndrome

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Published on 19 Jan 2022 / In Science

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Show notes:

1 Aspie fatigue

Coping and masking: Think of a dog trained to walk on it's hind legs
It can't do that for long.

2 The world doesn't change

While clinical understanding improves, the world at large remains
alien and hostile. School, in particular.

3 You must adapt

4 You don't change (still an Aspies)

Leave it to Beaver to Still the Beaver

5 Expectations of you to be typical

Child, well-behaved
Teen, mature for his age
Adult, why don't you...?

6 Abuse

You will never arrive at an abuse-free environment

7 Toxic people will always be there

One person who is so toxic, I refuse to be in the same place as this person

8 Avoidance is survival

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