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PI Phone is an Elon Musk Dirty Trick on the Sheeple to Expand Mass Brainchipping

JamesRoss - 155 Views
Published on 14 Jan 2022 / In Technology

I have been studying the brainchipping program for 15 years.

The real brainchips since the 1960 Rambo-chip work like this:

Dr. Rauni Kilde Exposes the Rambo Chip here:

Dr. Colin Ross Exposes Brainchiping oblivious soldiers: who are often suicided after service.

Dr. Robert Duncan exposes the "voice of god" weapon to become a Judas Goat for sheep:

Dr. Katherine Horton exposes brainchip gangstalking link:

Vincent Li on Greyhound Bus 1170 is used as a
"heterodying" assassin in 2008 to build Freemasonic confidence in brainchip technology after discovering me: Freemasons are murderous thUgs with decaying soul-fragments. (failing souls)

Magnus Olsson was covertly brainchipped in 2005:

Jeff Rense is heterodyned by Freemasons:

Heterodying a 3 year old via brainchip to robot dance:

You need to buy a scanner:

Horton scans herself:

Covert Brainchip resistance:

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