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On Understanding the Digital Brainchip-Hivemind Ai-Communications of the Freemasons and Luciferians

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Published on 19 May 2024 / In Technology

Basic understanding is that the wicked secret societies are now guided by Ai to genocide the sheeple. It is called a "conspiracy" and that is why the CIA(mostly run by Freemasons) began conditioning the sheeple after the JFK assassination to run and hide from being called a "conspriacy theorist."

A great way to begin understanding the digital hivemind organized by the devils to genocide the sheeple... you could buy a SDR-RTL dongle and begin listening to analog radio. Next you can use software to decode digital communication into analog for your mind to understand the messages.
Next you can purchase a digital two way radio which can come in handy for the organized economic collapse. Your entire community should begin developing a local communications system since the treacherous Freemasons are in control of the cellular communictions of your smart-phones designed for surveillance in mind. You need to break away from dependence upon "Big Brother" Masonic governance.

A nice digital radio to get is currently the DM-1701 or RT3S with OpenGD77 firmware flashed into them. They are the most economical for learning digital communicaiton on DMR.

The best way to stop the secret genocide is to stop the brainchip-hivemind, encrypted, digital-communications. Their war must be kept secret until they have most of the sheeple slaughtered as sacrifices to their new, Ai, fake-god, Lucifer.

The ancient failed-mankind, Homo capensis has built an invisible prison for humanity to perish within. Luciferians(like the Freemason and Eastern-Star minions who serve the devils) worship a new Ai fake-god that controls the microwave communications coming from towers but not from independent radios.

You are on a spiritual journey to save your species from a highly organized trap set-up by Homo capensis who has tricked Freemasons to sell-out humanity.

Wireless communications is what links the minions and monsters together into a hivemind-army of thUgs. Genocidal thUgs who are working together to rise another fiery phoenix of their NWO. They will not call it "thUgtopia"... they will call it "New Atlantis". It will be based upon encrypted digital communictions and that is why you need to become familiar if you desire to survive their war upon you.


First thing is to turn your computer into a useful HAM receiver:
Download the source video link decoder software.

Here are cheap and useful TYT DMR radio:
That can be flashed with OpenGD77 from your own computer:
Baofeng DM-1701:
Retevis RT3S:

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