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Its A Long Way To Mukumbura (Short Version with Lyrics), Mike Wescott and Leprechaun, Rhodesian Bush War on Communist Terrorists Footage, Lyrics, Short Verion

For Ourselves And Our Posterity
Published on 31 Mar 2023 / In Music

A Rock and Roll version of the tune "It's a Long Way to Tipperary" forms the basis of this Rhodesian patriotic song. It is a very fun version, and could be used for dance music. It's also a song you can listen to while working out.

The video shows footage of the Rhodesian Security Forces. They were skilled, talented, intelligent, strong, and effective. Despite being hugely outnumbered and stabbed in the back by the UK, they held off the terrorist insurgents supported by Communist China and the Soviet Union. These men deserve our utmost love and respect.

Rhodesia was changed into Zimbabwe by a "democratic" process, and Mugabe promptly became a despot. Whites no longer had any government representation, had their land and posessions stolen, and were persecuted by the Mugabe regime, but that didn't seem to bother Western Civilzation. We must learn this lesson from Rhodesia: never abandon fellow Europeans to the destruction of their nation just to appease the Marxist Mob. Whites are the builders of nations and civilizations, and must be free to enjoy what they have developed. Don't give in to the manipulation, propaganda, and pressure from the Closet Commies.

Whites deserve self-determination in the nations they create.

It's Okay to be White
White Lives Matter
Make Zimbabwe Rhodesia Again
Make Rhodesia Great Again

Video created by Stanislav (@stanislav7888)

Its A Long Way To Mukumbura ~ Mike Wescott and Leprechaun ~ Rhodesian Bush War Footage, Lyrics, Short Verion ~ xVKcXvmkMR4 ~ 720p

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Freedom And Physics
Freedom And Physics 1 month ago

Rhodesia is evidence that White Men are the Civilization Creators. So is Zimbabwe.

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Jackson Sparks In Memoriam

Amazing what Rhodesia did, despite the lack of resources and ire of the world. But, time has proven them right, and their enemies wrong.

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Larry Thorne
Larry Thorne 2 months ago

Like the footage of urban warfare training

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White Lives Matter 1776

Rhodesia, Haiti, and South Africa really demonstrate how important it is to reject the Social Marxists and their manipulative propaganda.

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gang 2 months ago

dlaai lama is paid to make you believe that buffett didi not rob mgm with soetoro ...
i am not paid to make you believe anything
check dna

dalai lama is not jude

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